It’s the insect variation of Where’s Waldo. A brown praying mantis stakes the end a dying blueberry bush, wait for unsuspecting food to wander into its clutches.

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DEAR JOAN: I’ve heard the a praying mantis can change color based upon the plant that it’s on.

I looked it up on the Internet, but what I found contradicts that. It claims they may readjust when they burned their skin, and also will hang out on a eco-friendly plant if they are green, or a tan one if they space tan.

This morning ns was watering my blueberry plant the I had neglected watering for a week. The pipeline are now multi-colored from absence of water. One of the pipeline moved and upon closer investigate I discovered that it to be a multi-colored mantis the is the same colors as the dice leaves. Carry out they readjust colors favor a chameleon?

Linda Brown, Antioch

DEAR LINDA: Mantids can adjust colors after ~ molting, however unlike the chameleon, the adjust is subtle and not instantaneous. Mantids usually are brown or green.

Researchers have tested the color change theory, putting young, environment-friendly mantids in one aquarium that only had brown dirt and also twigs. ~ molting, the eco-friendly mantids take it on a slightly brownish hue on parts of your bodies, but it took numerous days and the adjust was no significant.

The mystery weapon that the praying mantis is to take advantage of its common color. Environment-friendly mantids hide in environment-friendly foliage, wait for food to wander into range. Brown mantids carry out the very same thing, just on brown foliage and also stems.

The camouflage not only protects mantids indigenous predators, but allows them come remain virtually invisible to their prey.

They room not hard colors, so seeing the brown mantid on her brown leaves just highlighted those color variations for you.

I sometimes get letters from world reporting an albino mantid in the garden. Insects don’t create albinos. What they space seeing rather is a mantid right after the molt. The mantid will stay white because that a short time until its regular color returns.

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DEAR JOAN: A friend reported see feral pigs in his backyard — West mountain Jose between Saratoga and also Lawrence Expressway — ~ above a current evening. Perform you have any type of reports the pigs this summer?

Hawkeye Rondeau, bay Area

DEAR HAWKEYE: i don’t recognize of any details reports the wild pigs in that area, yet the porkers are a perennial trouble throughout the just Area, and also they’ve been checked out in san Jose because that a couple of years now. Most sightings are near open space.

During the dried season, the pigs have actually trouble rooting in the ground and finding food, which brings them into developed, irrigated areas.

Wild pigs eat fruits, roots, acorns, mushrooms and invertebrates, and also their an option of foods items can vary with the season. Those dangerous feather tusks are supplied to aid with the foraging, however make no mistake, the tusks have the right to be dangerous.

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Despite your threatening appearance, wild pigs are not typically aggressive and also will generally run if you yell in ~ them. They will certainly charge, however, if they feel intimidated or room defending your young.

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You have the right to lessen the opportunities of lock coming into your garden by controlling grubs in her lawn, putting up sturdy fencing, or installation motion-activated lights or sprinklers.