Michael Landon is ideal known for play Charles Ingalls ~ above Little residence on the Prairie. One point you most likely remember from the series is the Landon’s character played the fiddle. Did Landon pat the fiddle in actual life or to be it simply for the show? here’s what Showbiz Cheat paper knows.

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Charles Ingalls and also his fiddle on ‘Little residence on the Prairie’



Karen Grassle as Caroline Ingalls and Michael Landon together Charles Ingalls | NBCU picture Bank

Was the really Michael Landon playing the violin on Little home on the Prairie? Landon is supposedly not playing the violin in the show. There to be music play in the background if Landon moved the bow, follow to Laura’s Prairie House.

One talent Landon walk have, however, was the capacity to litter a javelin. In high school, he was reportedly the best javelin thrower in the united States. Landon called The Washington short article when he to be a boy he thought he was strong because his hair was long.

Unfortunately, the long hair caused troubles when Landon was older. He states his partner treated the differently. He recalled one day when football players at the university of southerly California driven him down and shaved off his hair. Landon said the publishing he couldn’t litter the javelin after that incident and also he made decision to leaving school.

Melissa Gilbert has actually Michael Landon’s fiddle from ‘Little residence on the Prairie’

Where is Landon’s fiddle now? Melissa Gilbert revealed she purchased the fiddle provided on the show. She had the ability to track the instrument under on eBay.

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“I did no take the from the set,” says Gilbert during an interview on OWN. “I lugged it top top eBay like anybody rather would. Mine childhood native 9 come 19 is every wrapped increase in that fiddle case. Yes sir a lot of memories that go along with all this stuff. was favor a dad, so having actually his fiddle is yes, really meaningful.”

Gilbert likewise has the red flower publish dress she wore on the show. It is framed and on display in her home. A mock-up of the fiddle Landon offered on the present is in ~ The Wilder Museum of Walnut Grove.