If you room a see person, that is beyond complicated to imagine what it's prefer to it is in blind, particularly a blind human being who to be born there is no sight. For them, the world they feel and hear and smell must to them, look a small different than it does to us. After ~ all, exactly how to you explain what various colors look like to who who has actually never seen, say, red, green, or blue before?

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One Twitter user recently ended up being curious about how colors are explained to blind people and came throughout an article in The cut called, "How to Explain color to Someone who Can't See." In it, a woman called Ashley, that spent lot of her childhood without sight, explained how she friends and also family tried to define to her the feel that various colors evoked through "reframing sights right into experiences that didn't need that sense at all." She shared a couple of of them. 


That seems accurate and seems like it would make me understand, yet of food I've viewed red before and also I know what that looks like. I don't recognize if, offered that description, ns would photo what red yes, really looks like. It's so exceptionally fascinating to think about and renders me realize just how in different ways some blind human being probably suffer the world. 


"Omnipresent coolness" is a totally amazing summary for the shade blue. But think about how numerous varieties that blue room there? how do you define "light blue" or "navy blue" or "aqua blue" to who who has never seen any type of color before?


These color descriptions space really evocative and also poetic. And also as Cari Romm writes because that The Cute, Ashley's descriptions space "an amazing reminder the color, something us think of as completely visual, isn't simply seen. A room will certainly feel reassuring or energizing, cheerful or gloomy, depending on how it's painted."

Colors space so much much more than simply hues. They create emotions and also are component of ours language. They signify so much. Once we enduring colors, we rarely experience them without feeling. One more Twitter user popped right into the conversation come share a similar thing they wrote in 2015, a sort of lyrical meditation on just how they would describe colors to remote people. 


Another Twitter user shares that The Black book of Colors is a children's book, in black and also white v Braille letters, the "describes color via metaphors without relying top top sight." They create that they believe it defines red as "the taste of strawberries," i beg your pardon is just so delightful! however it's likewise so very different indigenous the explanation of red that Ashley's family and friends offered her. 

It's difficult to know how exactly human being without sight interpret these descriptions of colors and if a blind human who hasn't had actually sight at all would even picture a shade at all! but it's so interesting and also helpful come think about how come share your endure of the human being with someone who perceives points differently.


It's true that various colors connote varying points in different cultures, therefore that's definitely something come take into account also when you take into consideration this. But, together someone else points out on Twitter, "We all don't have the exact same interpretations of those exact same colors anyway. Shade is, and will constantly be, subject to cultural context, colorblind or not."

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Not come mention, colors prefer red deserve to be construed in wildly different ways in ~ the very same culture, too. It can symbolize love and life but also danger and death. The civilization of color is so much more nuanced than we consciously consider on a day-to-day basis. 

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