I hope to goodness the I need write nothing much more than, "harmonising three-headed dog" to to convince you come play Cuboy: back To The Cubeture Era II. That, or perhaps that one of the cutscenes is a montage sequence made indigenous a collection of crayon-drawn pictures accompanied by a song about making something indigenous wood. Because that me, discovering that Zeus wears a Yankees cap and says points like, "Sup ya"ll, I"m Zeus, god of lightnin", pimpin" and also phat ass beats," is a unique treat. His circulation gets all the ladies, and also haters can go to Hades. This is the game in which you trim Atlas"s armpit hair. Here"s Wot ns Think.

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That"s pretty much exactly how it goes, here. V a British edge on the opaque and brilliant humour the the likes that Aqua Team Hunger Force, this is a pack two-to-three hour adventure through dozens the characters, a pile of minigames, and consistent nonsense.


That"s the finest sort of nonsense. This is a sequel come a game Quintin celebrated earlier in 2010, which ns confess I have actually not played. But see, I"m going come now.

I partly appreciated that anything translating over from the original was lacking for me, together it make the totality thing even more strange. Yet your plot right here is Cuboy, a cube-shaped guy in a cube-shaped world, chasing after ~ an angry cube-shaped cat (which I"m certain is racism - I just can"t figure out versus which race) who has stolen his time machine, and also plans to take over all of ancient Cubathens. By helping out the locals, and getting muddled in the affairs of the cube-shaped gods, you are charged through overthrowing the evil kitty and returning to your own time.


Which makes it sound choose it makes far too much sense. Due to the fact that although much of the game is based upon traditional adventure themes - perform puzzles, choose the correct course through conversations, making use of X ~ above Y - the practice is therefore much an ext gloriously silly. Trading weapons v the tools merchant, because that instance, requires finding the worst weapon imaginable. A sword? Pah, no use. A toothpick? currently you"re talking! desire a rarely item? You"re going to need to offer the fishmonger a bath. Need an asthma inhaler? Well, there"s always murdering a child.


What ns love many here, and also I"ve certain loved most here, are the details. Frinstance:

Banter: The video game is greatly conversation led, and also the voice exhilaration is simply brilliant. It took me a couple of moments to prevent hearing Cuboy together that strange guy who takes hardware the end of box on his sofa, yet soon his incessant self-assured cheeriness winner me end entirely, and indeed ns do believe Cuboy to it is in my ultimate friend. In fact, the male responsible because that Cuboy"s voice, the game"s writer Andrew Dennis, additionally provides those of 16 others, and does a an excellent job the it. Nine others chip in various other voices, and there"s no a dud amongst them. But finest of all, I"ve found, is when leaving the video game running in another tab everyone on display will periodically throw in a heat or two. The weapons seller has just growled "I bloody love weapons, i do" together I created the last sentence. Also, Hades likes come tell me about how cacao makes "my (echo) BOWELS ACHE". Details, see.

Music: It"s gorgeous. There"s a reason why they"re selling CDs that the soundtrack - bright, silly, and remarkably bearable to listen to ~ above loop when you"re distracted through a Twitter argument. And here again, there room so many tiny details, small voices saying nonsense, clever tweaks, and also so on.

The Cubes: Yes, admittedly whatever is made of cubes these days, however don"t forget the Cuboy very first appeared toward the finish of 2010, before the indie human being went square-crazy. And also here the animation is just so superb. Each new scene falls in indigenous above, slotting right into place, while the cuboid residents come in three parts, which gives some yes, really adorable animations. The peak section slide backward is a remarkable effective way of reflecting surprised disgust, for instance.


As you play you gather costumes, i beg your pardon you have the right to then mix and also match ~ above Cuboy because that your very own pointless entertainment, although occasionally they"re necessary as friend play. Girlfriend can"t sneak into a royal residence unless you"re dressed together a ninja, and you clearly can"t enter Hades unless you look favor a skellington. I"ve never ever quite interpreted gaming"s fanaticism for playing dress-up, yet it"s absolutely amusing to incorporate a tree costume through a gladiator"s and also some mouse ears.

Then alongside every this, there space a bundle the minigames, some designed come look and also play choose 8-bit frivolities, with surfing, spearing and flying up cliffs all offering simple-enough challenges that don"t acquire in the way. There"s a neat multiplayer (against NPCs) capture the flag minigame too, together with some fun at-sea boat battling. And also all contain an excellent jokes too.

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The an outcome is among the most fun, funniest gamings I"ve play in a while, v so many an excellent and quotable lines ("Sword! Sword! Sword! Sword! I want a sword to take it home and also sword points with."), and also an as whole air of fine deserved trust in itself. Pat it. It"s free. It"s here.