(American actress)

Bridget Regan is one American actress. She is known for Legend that the Seeker, White Collar, and Jane the Virgin. She is married and also has 2 kids.

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Quick truth of Bridget Regan

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39 years 9 months
February 03, 1982
Bridget Regan
San Diego, California, U.S
$ 2 Million
5 feet 9 customs (1.75m)
Mixed: Irish and German
American actress
 Jim Regan
Mary Catherine 
Bachelor of well Arts 
54 Kg
25 inch
35 inch
35 inch
Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius
October, 2021
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I just constantly wanted to be an actor. Ns don"t remember ever not wanting to be an actor.
I long for one audience. Ns ache for it. Ns think that"s among the hardest things about the television medium is the you don"t get that. Girlfriend don"t obtain that instant response.
Being on movie is forever. Television, together well, just lives on and also on and on, i m sorry is really exciting. Yet then through theater, it"s favor an experience. You have to be there the one distinct night that was like that to see that one performance the was yes, really remarkable. It"s an ext intimate together well. For this reason I prefer them both.

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Relationship facts of Bridget Regan

Bridget Regan is married come Eamon O"Sullivan.