Average water temperature in Cocoa coast in February is 67.8°F and therefore is not perfect for comfortable swimming. The warmest sea in Cocoa beach in February is 74.5°F, and also the coldest is 61°F. Typical high waiting temperature in Cocoa beach in February is 70°F, and average low temperature is 54°F.

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Current water temperature Cocoa Beach

Changes water temperature in Cocoa beach in February 2021, 2020

To get specific forecast because that the water temperature in Cocoa coast for any type of chosen month, compare 2 years in ~ a 10 year variety using the graph below. In enhancement to the sea water temperature in Cocoa Beach, the selected year in the table likewise show the worths of the maximum and also minimum temperatures on each of the job of February.

1 February66.9°F64°F61°F70.2°F
2 February65.1°F62.4°F61.7°F70.2°F
3 February64.4°F62.8°F62.2°F70.3°F
4 February64.4°F63.1°F61.7°F70.3°F
5 February64.9°F64°F62.4°F70.2°F
6 February65.5°F64.8°F62.6°F70.3°F
7 February66°F65.5°F63.3°F70.5°F
8 February66.7°F65.5°F64°F70.7°F
9 February66.9°F66.2°F64°F70.9°F
10 February66.2°F67.6°F63.7°F70.7°F
11 February67.5°F68.9°F63.7°F70.5°F
12 February68.2°F69.8°F63.7°F70.7°F
13 February68.2°F69.6°F63.1°F71.1°F
14 February68.4°F69.8°F63.1°F71.2°F
15 February67.8°F69.8°F62.2°F71.1°F
16 February68.9°F69.4°F63.1°F70.9°F
17 February69.1°F69.4°F63.1°F71.2°F
18 February68.5°F70.2°F63.1°F71.6°F
19 February69.4°F70.2°F62.4°F72°F
20 February66.6°F71.2°F61.5°F72.5°F
21 February65.7°F69.8°F61.5°F73.2°F
22 February66.2°F68.4°F62.4°F73.4°F
23 February65.5°F66.9°F63.9°F73.9°F
24 February65.8°F67.3°F64.4°F73.9°F
25 February65.8°F66.6°F64.8°F74.1°F
26 February66.6°F66.9°F64.8°F74.5°F
27 February68.7°F65.8°F64.6°F74.5°F
28 February69.1°F65.8°F63.7°F74.3°F


Average water temperature in Cocoa beach in February end a decade


Weather and climate in Cocoa beach in February

This data display screen average monthly climate indicators in Cocoa beach in February based upon our historic weather readings over a duration of ten years. In addition to temperature, we include data top top the variety of rainy and also sunny days so you deserve to have every the information around your destination prior to your trip

Average HIGH temperature70°FAverage short temperature54°FAverage rainfall days8 daysAverage rainfall79mm/3.1""Average daylight11hAverage sunshine8hAverage UV index7

Cocoa beach water temperature during other months:

You can likewise view information around water temperature for various other months by clicking the month switch below

Where is the heat sea water in February?

Want to know where the water temperature in February is an excellent for swimming? choose the continent of interest, the work of the month and the compelled water temperature

Region:AfricaAntarcticaAsiaAustralia and OceaniaCentral America and the CaribbeanEuropeMiddle EastNorth AmericaSouth AmericaDate (day and also month):12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberWater temperature:>=60.8°F>=62.6°F>=64.4°F>=66.2°F>=68°F>=69.8°F>=71.6°F>=73.4°F>=75.2°F>=77°F>=78.8°F>=80.6°FAverage temperatureMaximum temperature

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Our report for Cocoa coast is compiled utilizing satellite data in addition to in-situ observations to gain the many reliable everyday data the sea surface temperatures, surf forecasts, current temperatures and weather forecasts.

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