My dd has a pair of Disney light up sneakersw and today she had a to pee accident the pooled in the sneaker, ns figured this out once I took her sneaker off and the pee flood out all over me, but that is a various story. Just how do i clean the within of the sneakers? i don"t want to put them in the wash, don"t want to short them out, but they will certainly stink soon.Help

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Well, I have run twinkle toes through the wash with good results. Probably four or five pairs and no lose of lights. I just put lock in through a pair towels to keep them native beating about too much. But if you room worried about trying that, ns would more than likely pour vinegar straight right into the shoe and let it set that way for awhile. Ns can"t imagine that not working.
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I have much too much experience v pee on shoes both irradiate up and regular.I rinse them turn off in the bathtub with lots of water and also a tiny dawn food soap.Then leaving them the end in the garage because that a couple of hours to partly dry, climate cover both inside and also out with baking soda, many baking soda.When lock are completely dry whack them together a couple of times and voila, good as new, v no accompanying to pee smell.
sigh .... They sparkle, however stink. Ns may have actually left them too lengthy initially. Ns washed them with dawn, dried them a bit and also used the baking soda. Didn"t work. Then i threw them in the wash, lock still light up, yet they quiet stink.Off to buy replacements
sigh .... They sparkle, yet stink. Ns may have actually left lock too lengthy initially. I washed them through dawn, dried lock a bit and used the baking soda. Didn"t work. Then ns threw castle in the wash, lock still light up, yet they still stink.Off come buy replacements
Well, girlfriend could always throw lock in the washing maker and see what happens. I mean, I"d it is in super disappointed if DD"s shoes stopped lighting up.
Well, girlfriend could constantly throw them in the washing machine and view what happens. I mean, I"d it is in super disappointed if DD"s shoes quit lighting up.
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