Protein powders occupy that hazy, gray area between what constitutes food and what defines a vitamin or supplement. In regards to bodybuilding, protein powder is a supplement, however, that can also be thought about a food, depending on what protein friend purchase.

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The “Facts” brand on the earlier is the determining factor on whether or no you have the right to purchase the protein powder with food stamps. If the says, “Nutrition Facts,” then it is classified together a food and also you have the right to buy it v EBT. A “Supplement Facts” label means that it is a supplement and you can’t acquisition it v food stamps.

The firm that manufactures the protein powder is the one the decides even if it is to offer it together a food or as a supplement. That a strange circumstance, considering the reality that protein powder is a protein powder, regardless of just how it’s marketed.

Ultimately, whether or not you can use your EBT benefits to purchase protein flour is determined by a agency long before the product is both produced and delivered come a shelf.

What Protein powders Are available With Food Stamps?

If you’re in search of the right protein powders the you have the right to purchase through food stamps or an EBT card, you have to look because that the nutrition facts label on the earlier and placed together a an excellent list.

F-Factor 20/20 Protein/Fiber PowderMuscle Milk Protein PowderNaked Whey – Grass-Fed Whey Protein PowderMuscleFarm Combat ProteinTGS organic Whey PowderOptimum Nutrition yellow Standard

F-Factor has a 20/20 powder so you can obtain two for the price the one in the nutrition category and also use your EBT benefits to purchase a container. F-Factor flour is a fifty percent and fifty percent mix of protein and also fiber the is non-GMO, kosher, soy-free, and all-natural.

Normally, you would certainly associate Muscle Milk v bodybuilding and also therefore together a supplement, fairly than a food.

However, Muscle Milk is in the “thumbs up” category for food stamp purchases. V two scoops you obtain 34g of protein as well as plenty of minerals and vitamins for your day-to-day intake.

Naked Whey originates from California and also apparently comes from “grass-fed” cows. You acquire 25g of protein every serving in addition to a very low resource of vitamins and also minerals.

MuscleFarm Combat Protein is an additional supplement-sounding protein powder the is marketed and also manufactured together a food. It has 25g that protein every serving and also doesn’t rod to any one protein powder type, using soy, whey, and casein.

TGS organic Whey Powder has actually absolutely zero additives in that is protein flour mix. Friend don’t have to worry around gluten, GMOs, preservatives, sugar, starch, bleach, or acids in their mix. You obtain 25g the protein per serving along with a little amount the cholesterol and also Vitamin D.


Optimum’s protein mix is entirely plant-based, for this reason it’s all soy protein with this choice. You’ll gain 24g with each serving in addition to your entire daily necessity for Vitamin C. The carbohydrate are maintained low in the mix but you will additionally get a healthy part of iron.

Can girlfriend Buy Protein Shakes with Food Stamps?

Protein shakes are as with protein flour in that some are marketed together a food source, with nutrition brand on the earlier while others are taken into consideration a supplement, v supplement brand on the back.

It’s a little more an overwhelming to acquisition protein shakes since most that them fall into the supplement category rather 보다 food/nutrition. Protein bars room the exact same way, v the vast bulk labeled as supplements and therefore ineligible because that EBT cards.

Quest Nutrition ShakesOrgain necessary Protein ShakesHealthSmart ChocoRite High Protein ShakeKellogg’s distinct K Protein ShakesNaked ProteinShamrock farms Protein Shake

As you have the right to see, there’s quiet a decent range of protein shakes out there for you to acquisition with food stamps. So long as it has a list of nutrition truth on the back, you’re good to go. Your quest Nutrition shakes space non-GMO and loaded v 30g that protein, without all of the sugar.

Orgain is an necessary nutrition shake that doesn’t match some of the others in the slim volume the protein. However, it’s loaded with vitamins and also minerals if still having actually a kind amount that protein at 16g.


HealthSmart is technically a protein powder, however, that designed to make protein shakes and also two scoops is the identical of 48g of protein. It also has a good amount that fiber in it but that’s about the end of its nutritional value.

Kelloggs doesn’t simply make cereal and also since their main brand is food it stands to factor that their protein shakes would fall under the very same umbrella. Lock only have 15g the protein but they additionally have a great daily dose of fiber as well. Unfortunately, they space loaded v sugar in ~ 18g.

Naked Protein came along not much behind their delicious juice blends. Loaded with sugars in ~ 48g, they do have 30g that protein in a quite small, 15.2oz bottle. You’ll acquire your carbohydrate here also but the comes v plenty the cholesterol.

Shamrock farms eschews the sugar but is quiet pretty high top top cholesterol and sodium. As far as protein is concerned, you’ll gain a pretty complete dose through 30g. Shamrock ranches Protein Shakes are additionally loaded with numerous essential vitamins and also minerals on peak of the protein.

Are all Protein varieties Available for Food Stamps/EBT?

While no all protein powders qualify because that EBT/food rubber stamp purchase, all protein species can be found under the food/nutrition category. There space three species of protein: soy, whey, and also casein.

There’s not only a difference between the types of protein—in regards to what they room called—but also where they are acquired from and also how castle are absorbed by the person body.

Casein Protein

Casein protein is primarily acquired from cow’s milk however can it is in found—at some level or another—in just around any dairy products product, such as yogurt, cheese, and also cottage cheese.

You can use her EBT benefits to acquisition casein powder in pure powder type as a nutritional supplement. MyProtein makes a flour protein that’s completely casein v 23g that protein per serving.

Casein is a an extremely slow-acting protein the is took in by the body over a long period of time. Weightlifters just take casein supplements at night so they have the right to work together they sleep to help repair muscle tissue damaged indigenous lifting weights.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is entirely acquired from plants and is the best choice for vegetarians and also vegans to add protein come their everyday diets. It doesn’t absorb as progressively as casein however it likewise doesn’t absorb practically as quickly as whey.

Soy is problematic for weightlifting because it no offer prompt relief to muscles who have suffered with the micro-tearing connected in bodybuilding. However, it’s a an ideal replacement for whey end the recuperating hours of the remainder of the day.

Now Sports makes a soybean beans protein powder the qualifies for those through EBT benefits and also is mostly for virtual purchasing, despite you may have the ability to find it in a fitness store. It come in a pretty big container v 20g of protein per serving and 38 servings total.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is far and also away soaked up quickest in the body over any other protein type. Whey is the desired protein source for bodybuilders and also weight trainers since it automatically begins the repair process after a workout.

Levels Whey Protein flour is a qualifying nutritional food for acquisition with food stamps. It has 24g the protein every serving and comes through 71 servings every container. Levels are one more “grass-fed” source that comes from California cows.

They additionally have a casein variation if she interested in the exact same brand for multiple forms of protein powder.

Can you Buy Protein Bars with Food Stamps?

Protein bars—despite the fact that you literally need to put them in your mouth and chew castle up prior to swallowing them—can be sold with “Supplemental Facts” ~ above the back, which way that girlfriend cannot acquisition them v food stamps or an EBT card.


Fortunately, as with the powders and shakes, there space plenty accessible that room marketed and also labeled together food, so they qualify because that food stamps and also EBT purchases. The a bizarre people when food is not marketed as food in part markets.

Nature sink bars are most likely one of the most renowned protein bars ~ above the list, even though they aren’t loaded through protein. Castle only have actually 10g that protein per bar yet many of lock come v two bars per pack.

Naked Nutrition also sells protein bars with nutrition facts labels top top the back, also though they’re restricted in flavors—just chocolate and peanut butter—they have 15g the protein every bar.

All things Considered

It’s not as basic to find protein additional that loss under the “food” category, however, it’s not difficult either. Whether it’s powders, shakes, or bars, there space plenty of options out there that qualify for food stamps or EBT payment.

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You’ll find the most luck in the health food sections of your neighborhood grocery store, Walmart, or fitness stores. Also, v the development of the FNsLaunches the virtual Purchasing Pilot | Food and also Nutrition business (—depending on i m sorry state you live in—you have the right to purchase her protein powder virtual as well.