Does the death Note eventually run out of pages? Or if pages are being ripped out execute they magically re-appear later? I've just been city hall the show. Has it to be referenced in the manga?


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Some rules have actually been readjusted in just how to Read, from what was stated in the manga. Because that instance, Sidoh states that because that him to get his notebook back, he had to wait for the owner come die, or usage up every one of the pages, whereas in exactly how to Read, it claims that there room an unlimited amount of pages in the fatality Note.

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Probably not. The shinigami have lived a lengthy time, and to get that quantity of life, they most likely needed to write several names in the Note, making it unlikely that they have the right to run out. Alternatively, they're given brand-new Notes as soon as they run out through God or whoever that is the presides over them(It's pointed out in the an initial episode, ns think.) No idea around human users, though.

Not necessarily. To speak they take twenty years for every name, use one line every name? the is a century in just five lines.

Modern Humans have actually been roughly for ~200,000 years. 5*2,000= 10,000 lines. Speak there space 30 lines per page, that equals about 333 pages double sided. Presume Shimigami have been around for that long and that just use a solitary name per line.

So yes, really if they execute run out, it would just be every couple of thousand years.

Edit: It would be 333 pages single sided, therefore ~166 pages double sided.

I yes, really wish people would actually check out the exactly how to use rules, almost every inquiry that gets posted right here is explicitly answered in Ryuk's rules.

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No, it never runs out of pages

But how does that job-related out of curiosity. Carry out the pages just add themselves to said publication ? (And if so wouldn't the fatality note end up being massive ?£ execute the earliest supplied pages wipe themselves clean come allow more names to be written ? So countless questions...


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