Their are three various species of scurrently crab. First you have actually the "opilio" which is the most common crab on the sector. Then you have the Bairdi and also the tanneri species. Opilio scurrently crab are recorded in both the Atlantic and also Pacific Oceans, while Alaska scurrently crab are captured in the Bering Sea. Canadian scurrently crab or "queencrab" as they are occasionally referred as, are recorded in the Maritimes.

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BizRate The trapping of snow crab occurs in water depths from 30 to 1500 feet. Scurrently crabs are a lot smaller than king crab and also not as red, even more of a oarray color.The snow crab has a fragile, sweet flavor to it. Unmuch less it has actually not been correctly handled and also then you will have a more salty taste.The texture of scurrently crab is a lot even more stringy than king crab, yet yet still tender. The cregulation meat is muchfirmer than the legs.The meat have the right to range in color from snowy white to reddish. If you are shopping for scurrently crab and find some that have barnacles, black spots or molting on the shell. This does not impact the quality of the crab, these are referred to as "dirty" crab (crabs that have not molted). These scurrently crabs are usually priced cheaper because of the appearance, however the actual bonus is that they are much meatier bereason they have not molted.Almethods thaw your crab progressively in the fridge(around 24 hours). Because they are already cooked you simply have to heatthem up. For more food preparation instructiongo to cooking snow crab

More About Snow Crab

Ways to Cook it:
Bake, Broil, Grill or SteamTexture: Medium Flavor: Mild


King crab, Dungeness crab, lobster meat


Scientific name: Chionoecetes spp.Common: Spider crab, Tanner crab and Queen crab

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size:100g/3.5oz. (raw)Amount Per ServingSource: Nettleton Calories:90 Fat Calories:11.7 Total Fat:1.3g Saturated Fat:0.2g Cholesterol:N/A Sodium:N/A Protein:18.4g Omega-3:0.4g
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Scurrently Crab


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