The Chipmunks and The chipettes were obtaining the camera set up until there to be a punch on the door. Eleanor answered and also it to be Charlene the Chipette.

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Eleanor: "CHARLENE??? WHAT space YOU act here?"

Brittany frowned.

Brittany: "WHAT? five HELL NO! CHARLENE, gain OUT that HERE!"

Charlene: "Hmm for this reason I check out you quiet haven't adjusted a bit, Brittany."

Brittany: "I wouldn't think of transforming for you."

Jeanette: "It's an honor, Charlene. How have you been?"

Charlene: "Oh Jean, I've missed you so much. I have been good, i actually want to see Alvin."

Alvin's eye widened at exactly how beautiful she looked. She was wearing red just like him. And also she had actually long gold hair. The exact same exact golden hair as Eleanor. Her eyes were purple and so was her eyeshadow.

Alvin: "H-hi C-charlene..."

Charlene: "Hi Handsome."

Brittany: "STAY away FROM HIM!!"

Simon: "Haha, why carry out you care Brittany?"

Brittany: "UGH!!!"

Charlene: "AND WHO room YOU come tell me what to do? I have the right to go close to Alvin anytime ns want, drama queen."

Brittany: *in her head* "I am going to killing someone today."

Alvin: "S-so uh, h-how room y-you?"

The fact that Alvin to be blushing and acting nervous approximately her do Brittany pissed.

Charlene: "I've to be doing fantastic, and you?"

Alvin: "G-great."

Charlene: "So, exactly how will you guys like to tell me what girlfriend guys have actually been doing?"

Jeanette: "Well, we were law a fun Q&A because that our fans."

Charlene: "Ooh, Q&AS are so fun, mind if ns join?"

Brittany: "N-"

Before Brittany might say no, Alvin stated yes and Brittany frowned in ~ him. Brittany mouthed the word "shut up" to Alvin. Alvin shrug his shoulders together if the didn't execute anything wrong.

Charlene: "Thank you Alvin."

Alvin smiled together his cheeks turn pink.

Simon: "Alvin, space you crushing on Charlene??"

Alvin: "W-what? N-never!"

Simon: "Oh please."

Charlene walked up to Brittany and whispered her.

Charlene: "Stay far from Alvin."

Brittany: "YOU continue to be away, he's mine."

Charlene: "Haha, oh really? I assumed you hated him."

Brittany: "I don't, it's just that periodically he could be a pain in the ass."

Charlene: "Haha yeah sure, whatever."

Brittany: "I dislike you."

Charlene: "I hate you too."

Brittany rolled her eyes.

Eleanor: "Well, looks choose we have an additional Chipette to the Q&A, unexpectedly! so everyone fulfill Charlene!"

Charlene: "Hi Friends! girlfriend are enabled to asking me questions currently also, too!"

Brittany: "STOP stealing mine spotlight, Charlene!"

Charlene: "Hush, drama queen."

Brittany frowned.

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Brittany: "So help me, if you contact me a drama queen, ns will-"

Alvin: "GIRLS protect against FIGHTING!"

Charlene: "I know, she's together a ache in the ears."

Alvin: "Just overlook her, Char. Very same with girlfriend Brit, disregard Charlene. No fighting throughout this, please."

Brittany: "Fine."

Charlene: "Oh don't worry, cherry pie, ns won't hurt him."

Alvin blushed.

Alvin: "I love cherries."

Charlene: "Me too, haha."

Alvin: "O-okay, so everyone say hello to Charlene! You may ask concerns to Charlene if you'd like and also if her curious to know who Charlene is or anything around her, she's right here for you to ask! have a good day everyone! and happy Friday! 😬😁

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