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A blog post of “All Summer in One Day” is that the root causes of bullying are jealousy and fear. Margot’s classmates are jealous the her and also uneasy about her insistence the the presence of a weird (to them) object: the sun.

The classmates cannot conceive of the ide of sunlight,...

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A blog post of “All Summer in One Day” is that the root causes of bullying room jealousy and fear. Margot’s classmates room jealous the her and uneasy around her insistence that the visibility of a strange (to them) object: the sun.

The classmates cannot conceive of the principle of sunlight, having actually been raised in an setting of perpetual precipitation:

this to be the way life was forever on the world Venus, and this was the schoolroom that the kids of the rocket men and also women who had involved a raining human being to set up civilization and live out their lives.

Like all person beings, they have actually not manage over the circumstances of their birth and upbringing. Lock cannot assist being born and also raised top top Venus by parental seeking a brand-new life far from Earth. In contrast, Margot had the privilege of being born ~ above Earth. She classmates are especially envious and resentful of she because

the biggest crime of every was the she had come here only 5 years back from Earth, and also she psychic the sun and the method the sunlight was and the skies was once she was 4 in Ohio. And they, they had actually been on Venus all their lives, and they had actually been only two year old once last the sun came out and had long since forgotten the color and also heat of it and also the way it really was.

Therefore, Margot possesses specific, tangible memories of the sun and also its positive features (e.g., warmth, luminosity, and life-giving strength that produce flowers) the her classmates i m so sad lack. Instead, the only time as soon as they endure fleeting memories of the sun is at night when they room sleeping. Unlike Margot, lock cannot also imagine and enjoy the warmth, light, and also beauty of the sun when they are awake. ~ above waking, lock hear only

the tatting drum, the countless shaking down of clear bead necklaces ~ above the roof, the walk, the gardens, the forests, and also their dreams were gone.

The classmates additionally are jealousy of Margot’s comprise wealth and love from her parents.

There was speak that her father and mother were acquisition her back to earth next year; that seemed an essential to her that they execute so, though it would median the ns of countless dollars to she family. And also so, the youngsters hated she for every these factors of big and tiny consequence. Lock hated she pale eye face, her waiting silence, she thinness, and her feasible future.

Margot’s parents prioritize their daughter’s health and well-being over money and convenience. Even if it is or not the ns of so much money poses a hardship to her family, the fact that she parents space willing to sacrifice money and also opportunity come return to earth for Margot is significant. She has a “possible future” the potentiality and escape, when the classmates room trapped ~ above Venus.

Fear the the unknown is one more cause that bullying. The classmates it seems ~ unsettled by Margot’s claims of a sun. Even though a teacher compare the sun to other relatable, favor a hot lemon, they cannot understand and thus doubt Margot’s authorship of her poem:

I think the sunlight is a flower, the blooms for simply one hour.

In stimulate to manage his fear of the unknown, one classmate denies the presence of it. Once Margot insists the the sunlight will appear, the young tries come shut her down while haltingly trying to garner support from the various other classmates:

“You won’t check out nothing! ... Nothing!” the cried. “It was all a joke, wasn’t it?” that turned to the various other children. “Nothing’s continue today. Is it?”They every blinked in ~ him and then, understanding, laughed and also shook their heads. “Nothing, nothing!”

The only means the bully deserve to take any type of anxiety out on Margot’s claim is to threaten it by transforming it right into a trick.

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“All a joke!” claimed the boy, and also seized her roughly. “Hey, everyone, let’s placed her in a closet prior to the teacher comes!”

The classmates manage Margot not just verbally, but likewise physically by shoving her right into a closet. Their resource of are afraid of strangeness—Margot—is extinguished. Castle no longer have to hear or see her.