The framework that is responsible because that whorled ridges top top the epidermal surface is suggested by letter __________.

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The framework that pulls the hair follicle into an upright position is shown by letter __________.

The gland the produces a mixture that oily substances and also fragmented cell is indicated by label __________.

The gland that produces sweat is shown by label __________.

Which moist epithelial membrane lines body cavities that open to the exterior:A) cutaneousB) synovialC) peritoneumD) serousE) mucous

The category of epithelial organization membranes are: A) synovial, cutaneous, and mucous membranes

B) synovial, cutaneous, and serous membranes

C) synovial, mucous, and also serous membranes

D) synovial, mucous, and cutaneous membranes

E) mucous, cutaneous, and serous membranes

Which kind of membrane contains fluid in between the visceral and perietal layers:

A) synovial

B) serous

C) cutaneous

D) mucous

E) connective

Which of the complying with relationships is incorrect:

A) visceral peritoneum - consists the outer surface of the little intestine

B) parietal pericardium - consists the outer surface that the heart

C) parietal pleura - lines the wall surface of thoracic cavity D) visceral pleura - present the surface ar of the lungs

E) parietal peritoneum - lines the wall of the abdominal cavity

Which that the following is a connective organization membrane:

A) synovial membrane

B) cutaneous membrane C) mucous membrane

D) serous membrane

E) pleural membrane

Synovial membranes are found in the:

A) share cavities

B) extending of the heart

C) lining of the stomach cavity

D) covering of the brain

E) lining the the ab cavity wall

Sweat glands associated with hair are:

A) sebaceous glands

B) sudoriferous glands

C) eccrine glands

D) sebaceous glands and eccrine glands

E) sudoriferous glands and eccrine glands

Which of the adhering to is a crucial function of the skin: A) the converts amendment epidermal cholesterol come vitamin D

B) that aids in the deliver of materials throughout the body

C) the cell of the epidermis keep glucose together glycogen for energy

D) it absorbs vitamin C so that the skin will not be topic to diseases

E) the aids in desiccation

Although you obtain wet if swimming, a hard protein within the skin avoids it indigenous soaking increase moisture like a sponge. This problem is:

A) serous fluid

B) melanin

C) mucus

D) carotene

E) keratin

The epidermis is written of:

A) an easy columnar epithelium

B) stratified squamous epithelium

C) adipose tissue

D) areolar tissue

E) thick fibrous connective tissue

The uppermost layer of skin is:

A) dubbed the dermis

B) complete of keratin

C) fed through a great supply that blood vessels

D) dubbed the hypodermis

E) written of thick connective tissue

The hypodermis consists of:

A) basic columnar epithelium

B) stratified squamous epithelium

C) adipose tissue

D) loosened connective tissue

E) dense fibrous connective tissue

A needle would certainly pierce the epidermal layers of the forearm in i m sorry order:

1. Stratum basale

2. Stratum corneum

3. Stratum granulosum

4. Stratum lucidum

5. Stratum spinosum

A) 2, 3, 5, 1

B) 1, 5, 3, 4, 2

C) 2, 4, 3, 5, 1

D) 1, 3, 5, 2, 4

E) 2, 3, 4, 1, 5

Which of the complying with homoeostatic inequalities is caused by skin exposure to chemicals:

A) athlete"s foot

B) cold sores

C) impetigo

D) contact dermatitis

E) cyanosis

The "tanning" effect (darkening that the skin) the occurs as soon as a human is exposed come the sun is due to:

A) melanin

B) keratin

C) oil

D) Langerhans cells

E) sweat

The class of the epidermis in which cells very first die since of your inability to acquire nutrients and oxygen is the:

A) stratum spinosum

B) stratum granulosum

C) stratum basale

D) stratum corneum

E) stratum lucidum

Melanocytes are discovered in the:

A) stratum spinosum

B) stratum lucidum

C) stratum corneum

D) stratum basale

E) stratum granulosum

A splinter penetrates to the deepest great of the epidermis on your foot. This great is:

A) stratum basale

B) stratum corneum

C) stratum granulosum

D) stratum lucidum

E) stratum spinosum

Epidermal cells the are proactively mitotic and also replace superficial cell that are continually rubbed off are: A) stratum granulosum cells

B) stratum corneum cells

C) stratum lucidum cells

D) stratum spinosum cells

E) stratum germinativum cells

Nutrients reach the surface ar of the skin (epidermis) v the procedure of:

A) absorption

B) evaporation

C) filtration

D) diffusion

E) osmosis

Which the the complying with is not a true statement around the papillary great of the dermis:

A) that is the deepest class of the skin

B) it produces the pattern for fingerprints

C) it contains nerve endings that respond come touch and temperature stimuli

D) the is highly vascular

E) the is located immediately beneath the epidermis

In order to warm the human body up when cold:

A) vitamin D is synthesized

B) sudoriferous glands relax sweat

C) sebaceous glands release oil

D) the arrector pili muscles contract to was standing hairs upright

E) melanin is produced

Finger-like upward projections of the dermis into the epidermis room called:

A) hair follicles

B) hair bulbs

C) Meissner"s corpuscles

D) dermal papillae

E) Pacinian corpuscles

The secretions that the eccrine glands are:

A) mostly uric acid

B) mainly water, salt chloride, and trace quantities of wastes, lactic acid, and also Vitamin C

C) fat substances, proteins, antibodies, and also trace quantities of minerals and also vitamins

D) specifically metabolic wastes

E) basic

The cheap of sweat is stimulated:

A) by high temperatures

B) once the air temperature drops

C) by hormones, especially male sex hormones

D) as a safety coating once one is swimming

E) both by high temperatures and also by hormones, especially male hormones

Sudoriferous glands are necessary for:

A) manufacturing of keratin

B) maintaining skin and also hair cells soft and flexible

C) manufacturing of sweat

D) body warm regulation

E) production of vitamin D

Inflammation that the hair follicles and also sebaceous glands is called:

A) impetigo

B) alopecia

C) psoriasis

D) boils

E) call dermatitis

What is the first threat come life from a massive third-degree burn:

A) infection

B) dehydration

C) unbearable pain

D) ns of immune function

E) blood loss

What is the an initial threat to life from a substantial third-degree burn:

A) infection

B) dehydration

C) unbearable pain

D) lose of immune function

E) blood loss

A physician estimates the volume of liquid lost in a severely melted patient by:

A) measure up urinary output and fluid intake

B) observing the organization that room usually moist

C) blood analysis

D) making use of the "rule of nines"

E) performing enzyme studies

Which of the complying with is one indication that melanoma: A) a symmetrical mole

B) a pigmented clues that has actually smooth borders

C) a spot on the skin that is smaller than the dimension of a pencil eraser

D) a pigmented spot that is black

E) a pigmented spot the contains areas of various colors

Acne and also seborrhea are brought about by problems with: A) eccrine glands

B) pond beds

C) sudoriferous glands

D) sebaceous glands

E) hair follicles

Male sample baldness has actually a genetic switch that turns on in solution to:

A) age

B) size

C) weight

D) masculine hormones

E) female hormones


The membrane shown in number 4.2 is:

A) cutaneous membrane

B) synovial membrane

C) pericardium, a serous membrane

D) mucous membrane

E) pleura, a serous membrane

T/F: Membranes that line body cavities that have actually openings to the exterior of the body are referred to as mucous membranes.

T/F: The serous membrane that covers the external surface that both lungs is dubbed the visceral pleura.

T/F: when an individual is exposed to very low air temperatures, the capillaries of the skin will dilate so that blood will certainly flush right into skin capillary beds and heat will certainly be dissipated.

T/F: The pinkish hue of healthy individuals with fair skin is the an outcome of the crimson shade of oxygenated hemoglobin circulating in the dermal capillaries and reflecting with the dermis.

T/F: A serous membrane is created of a layer of basic squamous epithelium relaxing on a slim layer the areolar connective tissue.

T/F: The thickened, proximal area that the nail is called the pond matrix, and also it is responsible for nail growth.

T/F: The reason that the nail bed shows up pink is the presence of a huge number the melanocytes in the underlying dermis.

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T/F: Joe just burned his hand top top a warm pot. A blister forms and also the burn is painful; Joe"s burn would best be explained as a third-degree burn.

Type that membrane the is dry

A) serous membrane

B) mucous membrane

C) cutaneous membrane

D) synovial membrane

Type that membrane adapted for absorb or secretion

A) serous membrane

B) mucous membrane

C) cutaneous membrane

D) synovial membrane

Type of membrane that has no epithelial cell at all

A) serous membrane

B) mucous membrane

C) cutaneous membrane

D) synovial membrane

Type that membrane that contains a visceral and also a partietal layer

A) serous membrane

B) mucous membrane

C) cutaneous membrane

D) synovial membrane

Only example of a connective organization membrane

A) serous membrane

B) mucous membrane

C) cutaneous membrane

D) synovial membrane

Type the membrane the lines open body cavities

A) serous membrane

B) mucous membrane

C) cutaneous membrane

D) synovial membrane

Peritoneum, pericardium, and pleura are examples of this kind of membrane

A) serous membrane

B) mucous membrane

C) cutaneous membrane

D) synovial membrane

The skin and also its derivatives (nails, glands, and also hairs) kind the:A) integumentary systemB) immune systemC) skeletal systemD) endocrine systemE) lymphatic system