also though broken power door locks are a boy issue compared to a most things that could go wrong under the hood, it’s tho an inconvenience.

through this troubleshooting guide, you can ultimately leave behind the days of making use of your physical key to lock and unlock her car. Come narrow under your issue, examine out the perform of troubles below and see if you recognize any type of of them:

1. Broken crucial Fob


The most common reason behind a broken vital fob is a dead battery. Let’s see if that the culprit in your case by comment this question: carry out the power lock switches work-related in your car? If her answer is yes, climate the key fob is the issue. If your answer is no, climate you’re managing at the very least two damaged doors (skip ahead to #3 ~ above this list).

To replace your Impala key fob battery:

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push the chrome button at the peak of the vital fob to release the ignition key. through your thumb, push down into the empty room where the ignition an essential used to be. The battery access cover must pop off. change the battery and also then placed the battery accessibility cover ago on. enjoy your now-functioning crucial fob!

2. One broken Door

perform you have actually three to work doors and one damaged door? If so, it’s most likely that you’re taking care of a faulty lock actuator, i m sorry is a somewhat common problem in 2008 and 2009 Impala models. Every door has actually its very own lock actuator, i m sorry is a motor that powers the locking mechanisms. Take it a look in ~ this perform of symptoms of a malfunctioning lock actuator and also see if you recognize any kind of of them:

A buzzing sound within the door A delayed an answer when you usage your crucial fob to lock or unlock the door The door just being able to lock or unlock Unprompted locking or unlocking

If it transforms out that you may have a faulty lock actuator, you deserve to fix the problem by replacing it. Here’s a comprehensive indict on replacing the lock actuator, and also here’s an additional one on replacing the trunk lock actuator.

3. At the very least Two broken Doors


perform you have actually two or 3 doors the quit working? Or does everything, including the door switches and also the crucial fob, it seems ~ to it is in broken? If her answer is “yes” to among these two questions, climate you’re dealing with a large electrical trouble only a qualified mechanic have the right to accurately diagnose and fix.

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You can shot to take it matters right into your hands yet keep in mind that your Impala’s electrical system is complicated and one little mistake may fry the whole system.