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The following steps can be provided to quickly and easily remove the headlights from your truck. I just finished law this today, and also it take it me a small while longer due to the fact that I had to discover all the bolts myself, and also I dropped my ratchet about 1000 time (and had a beer break).Difficulty: Anybody.Tools required:Ratchet through 10mm socket and also extension, level blade screwdriver, needle-nose pliers.Time: ~1hourStep 1: open up up her hood, grab her screwdriver and also pull turn off the plastic cover on peak of the grille. Simply slide the screwdriver right into the slot on the tiny plastic pin and also gently pry up on each side until it pops out. Another option is come pry them up just sufficient with the screwdriver that girlfriend can gain your pliers under , and also use them to traction the totality thing out. Be mindful as this are easy to break.



Step 3
: using your pliers, to express the clips that organize in the bottom the the grille if pulling outwards come dislodge them and remove the grille. There room 5 of this clips. Make sure to to express the center of the clip, together this is the part holding the in. It need to come forward v a little tug when you"re squeezing the appropriate part.

Step 4
: Unbolt the headlight assembly. There are two bolts top top the top of the headlight that you will find really easily. One of them has actually a tiny steel shim behind it. Be certain to grab this before it falls and also gets shed in the engine compartment. Over there is a 3rd bolt that have the right to be uncovered by pulling earlier the within fender. That is not necessary to completely remove the inner fender, but just the bottommost bolt will provide enough room because that you to look in and see whereby it is. When you acquire to this 3rd bolt, perform NOT eliminate it completely (It is a huge pain come get ago in ar if friend do). It just needs to be loosened enough that the headlight have the right to be traction out.

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Top 2 bolts
Step 5
: eliminate the support bracket from next to the headlight assembly. 3 10mm bolts hold this in place and also it can be left hanging by the shroud that it is fastened to. (In the snapshot my finger is on the optimal bolt)
Step 6: gently wiggle and also twist the headlight assembly until it come out. You deserve to undo the clips with your screwdriver and also voila! you"ve removed the headlight!EXTRA INFO:For those of girlfriend who are removing the headlights in stimulate to change them, and also the brand-new lights have actually LEDs or halos, girlfriend will must splice into the DRL cable in stimulate to do these occupational (If you desire them running together DRLs). The wires friend will must tap into are on the big clip the all the wires space attached to. The power wire for DRLs is the brown wire (see picture). The black wire will be supplied for a ground.