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I have a 2006 Tundra SR5 4.7 have the right to someone phone call me if this truck has actually a cabin wait filter because that the dash? Musty smell throughout this merganser spell once the dash blower is turn on. Any kind of help-desperate, love mine truck


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Yes, true, they perform not have a replacement filter. However have you looked behind the glovebox or are you just looking for component numbers for replacements in the catalogs? There"s a foam piece in there. Dunno if you deserve to take that out and also clean it, yet there is no replacement filter for it.
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Hey White05Tundra,I"ve had actually a couple of vehicles end the year that developed that musty odor whenever the fan or A/C was running. I number that the condensation coming off of the evaporator in the A/C system is the culprit here. To prevent this case with my Tundra I"ve come up through a system. When you operation the A/C and you"re headed earlier to house for the day, shut under your A/C and just use just the blower because that the last pair of miles. This will give the plenum a chance to rid chin of the moisture over there by to reduce the possibility of emerging mold and that musty smell the drives us all nuts. So much it"s operated for me yet I only have a few miles on my truck while making use of the A/C system. I"ve just encountered this musty smell through my vehicles the were fitted through A/C.

I observed a writeup a TSer did on his mode to the blower intake tube. He cut out a ring disk indigenous a home furnace filter that fit perfectly just above the blower fan. For cleaning, simply drop the blower assembly, pull out the filter media disk, clean, reinstall. I"m reasoning of law the very same thing.

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Kerryman go the DIY filter. Images in his album. Mildew could be brought about by a clogged condensate drain. No filter on my 2004.
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