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I to be under the car and also i deserve to not seem to discover it to i just have to pull the bottom hose turn off to do the washing up it out and also should i use dex cool like it says or regular anti because some to speak the dex messes through ur gaskets!

yeah but isnt the rad assistance in the way because ns couldnt uncover one i took the chin spolier off an everything
Bottom left corner,driver side.pull back the plastic waiting dam spring thing.You"ll check out a little hole that is the peg top top the radiator where it fits in come mount.Reach above it and also you"ll feel it/see it.The liquid will actually drain through the mountain peg-threw me off once I purged my rad a few weeks ago.Mine"s one "04 LS,but must be the same.
Wifes DD2004 Impala LS-Paid For!SS tailights-K&N fall in-Custom Magnaflow exhaust-Remote Starter.Coming soon-Custom intake-Memphis Coaxials-Quad Taililghts-Quad Headlights-High Beam Fog defeat-Tune
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