You require to find out what's bring about the light. This video shows the task being done on a comparable car yet the procedure is the same. operation down this guide and report back.

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inspect Engine soon light is blinking. Password P0300 random misfire. Light does no come on at all while driving roughly town. Only comes on as soon as on the highway at end 60 mph. The irradiate blinks for several minutes and then eventually goes out. Then numerous minutes later it comes ago on blinking again. As soon as the light comes on, the truck continues to operation smoothly and also there is no indication the something is wrong. A track up fixed it.

My examine engine light is on and also the password is P0446 Evaporative Emission manage System Vent manage malfunction. Any suggestions on exactly how to settle this

the may have actually come on due to the fact that of a loose/bad gas cap, it have to click 3 times after acquiring fuel. Or check to view if your evap cannister valve is working, they acquire dirt and also stick

2000 silverado, battery walk dead end night i jumped it and it started right up yet when I put it in equipment it dyed yet after offering it gas it started to idle correctly. The company engine soon light come on. I acquired some various gas and checked the gas cap to make sure it to be on right and not leaking any type of fumes. 보다 the next day the irradiate went out however than came back on that evening. It remained on because that a couple of days than it just went turn off for a day and now it"s back on and won"t walk off. The truck appears to be to run great. Is over there a means to reset the business engine soon light. Since tomorrow It can go out while I"m driving ns don"t know.

examine engine light on the computer system scanned for code/s-you have actually a problem within the engine administration system that brought about the CEL to turn on-This is your starting point that diagnosis,finding out what"s walking on
I sought the vacuum hose and cant uncover it I have actually no exhaust leak I placed my hand over the finish of the tail pipe and did no hear any type of leaks therefore what else can I check I have actually no digital tools come diagnose the difficulty
Hello, Ok, therefore what specifically is your problem.If engine irradiate is on and also vehicle is drivable walk by your neighborhood auto zone and have them pull codes they will execute it free. Post codes below in forum.

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I having trouble through my pickup sevice engine light ns took it to a shop and also they put there tester on and also I have a vacuum leak they said chearge me a $100 to fix. A month later sevice engine light come on again so ns take it ago now they phone call both of my converters or bad charge me another $100 come test. Then they called me it would certainly cost around $600 because that them to replace both converters. I discovered a muffler shop and they only wanted $375 to chage both converters. So I had actually them change them however they couldn"t reset the business engine quickly light but they called me to disconnect the battery and the computer would reset the light fine theat didn"t work. Is there anyway it might be reset there is no going ago to the shop and paying one more $100. Mine pickup only has actually just a small over 100000 mile on the I talk with other chevy pickup owners and they stated the have actually a lot more miles on there truck there is no no problems. Many thanks John