A heater core is offered in the heating of the cabin that a vehicle. That is a radiator-like machine that takes hot coolant from the vehicle"s engine and also passes it through the winding pipe of the core. The warmth transfers come the tube, which climate heats the air that passes with it ~ above its method to the cabin. If the heater main point in your 1998 Chevy Pickup isn"t functioning properly, the is simple enough resolve that have the right to be excellent in less than half an hour.

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Use the open-end wrench to disconnect the an adverse battery cable native the battery.

Open the radiator relax valve top top the bottom that the radiator and also drain the coolant liquid right into the pan.

Remove the mounting bolts indigenous the modular duct using a socket wrench. These bolts deserve to be got to from the inside of the glove box compartment, in the passenger next of the cabin.

Remove the modular duct from the glove box compartment.

Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core. Plug the hoses once they room disconnected.

Remove the mounting bolts native the heater core with the socket wrench set. Remove the heater main point next.

Install the new heater main point in the location of the old one and also reattach the bolts. Change the modular duct and also the hoses. Fill the radiator v a 50-50 water and also coolant mixture.


Chevrolet and GMC Pick-ups Haynes Repair hand-operated for 1988 thru 1998; Haynes; 2001

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