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A Sermon preached on Sunday, respectable 7, 2011

Listen come my entire sermon: http://www.trinitycleveland.net/podcasts/sermons/LInd08072011-1000.mp3

I monarchs 19.9-18, Matthew 14.22-33

As countless of girlfriend know, my mother lives at Judson Park, a neighborhood retirement neighborhood with a finish continuum that care. She moved right into a lover independent life apartment around five years back when she decided she didn’t desire to live on her own anymore.

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One that the benefits of areas like Judson is the ar that is formed among the residents. My mom has appreciated a depth the friendship and companionship the is among the wealthiest she has actually experienced in she 88 year of living.

In my everyday conversation through Mom, I commonly ask, “What go you carry out today?” and until recently, she would commonly answer, “I saw visit someone on the other side.” The other side is code amongst my mom friends because that the aided living and also nursing home sections of Judson. Ns would commonly respond, “That’s nice of you,” and she would reply, “Well, I have actually friends there, and also it’s an excellent to see exactly how the other half lives.” I always took this to typical that someday, she also would overcome to the other side.

That day has come. Morning my mommy will overcome to the other side right into the memory Unit, and in some extensive way, I will both cross v her and say taking leave on a remote shore.

Memory loss amongst elders is other one fears and also dreads, and also yet as soon as it happens, the is probably more painful for those left behind than those going v it. I always heard that with dementia, one makes new friends everyday amongst those whom one has known a long time or also a lifetime. My mom is no exception. Whenever ns eat v her in the dining room, ns am presented to all of her friends for the um-teenth time. At least, she still remembers my beloved Emily, my brothers Tom, and me. And whether she remembers girlfriend or not, my mommy will greet everyone through a good big, warm smile and hello.

Memory loss is something that creeps increase on you, and then suddenly one day, that takes end both the mind and also the body. Yesterday, she knew it to be happening to her, and also today she doesn’t. Now that I’ve been assured that mom is not sad and also doesn’t really understand what’s happening come her, ns feel a combination of sadness, fear and also relief. I expect you deserve to say the we’re both walk through among those rites of passage. We’re both crossing to the various other side.

This morning’s gospel reading recounts Jesus’ invite to his practical worker to cross to the other side. Jesus had accumulated a tiny band of people to be his disciples, and he want to teach them around being in relationship with God and about the realm of God the was in ~ hand. He additionally wanted to instruct them around living a life the expectant faith, confident the God was always there to be found. He preferred that his girlfriend become mindful of the abiding presence and saving power of the divine One, so that they would possess the courage and faith to face whatever scenarios life presented.

Thus far, the disciples’ journey v Jesus had been filled v learning, wonder, and excitement. At the same time, it had actually been fairly safe. Lock were operation in familiar territory, ~ above their residence turf. However now, it to be time to rest camp and also move out, to increase their horizons to new places and new people. Choose pioneers in every age, Jesus and also his band of pendant were being called to leaving home and travel across the border to the frontiers of a foreign land. It to be time to traverse the threshold of recognizable place, to jump end the edge, and “to go throughout to the various other side.”

To understand an ext deeply what Jesus to be instructing his disciples to do, i invite girlfriend to take into consideration the wisdom of The I-Ching, an ancient Chinese exercise of prayer and also meditation based upon the synchronicity of chance and probability. As a treatise on change, the phrase “crossing the an excellent water” frequently appears in the text and commentary that The I-Ching. it signifies moving throughout the threshold, end the edge, and also to the which is unknown and also unfamiliar.

When we “cross the an excellent water,” we often are faced with ours true nature, facing directly into our very own fears and also moving with them, not around them. In the crossing, the journey, like a submarine, generally travels down into the deep water toward the confusion, chaos and doubt the the dark night of our brokenness and also our uncertainty. However in the crossing, we discover our wounds enveloped by the healing waters that compassion. In the middle of our interior doubts and also fears, we uncover in the deep the love that will certainly not disappear or die.

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Like Jesus, The I-Ching claims that the way one (the one who has actually faith) “perseveres by cross the an excellent water.” throughout our lives, we are called to make countless crossings.

We go throughout to the other side once we accept a new job or relocate to a new city, start a brand-new school year or attend a brand-new summer camp.We cross the an excellent water once we begin a brand-new relationship or acquire married, have a kid or move in v our get an impressive children.We overcome to the other side once we relocate from independent living right into a nursing house facility.We cross to the other side when, like my mother, we lose our memory, and also we overcome to the other side when, our parents need us in means that we once required them.We likewise make such crossings once we’re told we have cancer or some other life-threatening illness, once our spouse wants a divorce, once we’ve lost a job, if we space imprisoned, or God forbid, shipwrecked or held captive against our will.And I’m beginning to think that communities, cities, states, nations, also the globe are often forced to make such crossings. Isn’t the worldwide economic and environmental dilemm a crossing of the an excellent waters of life together we recognize it?