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Docking & Undocking

It’s unpreventable that when conditions are at your worst, you’ll have an audience. Prior planning and also practice will certainly not only keep you and also your passengers safe and also protect her boat, it will certainly also help you prevent serious personal humiliation.

Undocking Plan

Prior to acquiring underway, you must implement an undocking arrangement with the aid of your passengers. You should take into consideration the traffic in the area, the direction that wind and also current and the depth the the water.

(A note from the Crew: carry out not assume the your passengers have actually the same experience the you have actually or that they deserve to read your mind. Be certain and give direction if friend ask for your help. This not only protects their safety however their pride together well.)

When the wind or present is pushing your boat away native the dock the procedure is simple.

1. Actors off lines and pull in fenders together the wind blows you away.2. When clear and safely away from the dock and other boats, change to forward and depart at idle speed.3. Be mindful to make sure you have been propelled safely away and also that the stern will not hit the dock together you engine forward and also turn. Remember: A watercraft does not steer prefer a car, that pivots top top its axis .


If the wind or existing is pushing your boat toward the dock girlfriend will need to do part extra planning.

1. Cast off all lines other than an after ~ bow spring line. This line will keep you from moving forward and enable the stern come pivot far from the dock. (see illustration)2. You might want to use a fender forward to cushion the bow the the boat against the dock.3. Rotate the motor or rudder to the direction crucial to press the stern far from the dock.4. Shift into forward at idle speed. Slowly, an extremely slowly.5. The stern will swing away from the dock. Once it is clear of all obstacles and also traffic, cast off the spring line and back away indigenous the dock.6. When you space safely away, change to forward and idle away from the dock.


Once you space clear the the dock, stow lines and fenders for this reason they will not it is in in the method or attitude a tripping hazard. Be certain to control speed as soon as leaving the dock and also check for other boats, swimmers or other obstacles.

Docking Plan

Before pull close the dock, one finish of the docking lines should be secured onboard; fenders readied and also speed reduced.

If the wind is onshore (blowing towards the dock), the boat is lugged to a place parallel come the dock and around two feet off. The wind will blow the boat in. It have the right to then be secured by bow, stern and spring lines.

If the wind is offshore (blowing away from the dock), you should technique the dock at a 20 to 30 level angle. A bow line is passed ashore and also secured. In boats with one outboard, or inboard/outboard engine, the engine is turned in the direction of the dock and put in reverse. This will bring the stern into the dock. The watercraft can climate be secured with the stern line.

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The procedure is various for watercrafts with inboard engines. The rudder will be used to lug the stern in. To press the stern in utilizing the rudder, affix an after bow spring to keep the boat from moving forward. Through the engine idling forward, rotate the wheel away from the dock as illustrated below. Since the boat cannot relocate forward and also the rudder is pushing the stern in, the watercraft will pin itself against the dock while friend secure the various other lines. All maneuvers are more easily achieved if the boat has twin engines, quite than a single engine.