One of the single most common questions human being ask about bed bugs is how tokill bed bugs or what kills bed bugs?

There space a variety of different efficient options, and various people and companies are coming out with brand-new ineffective “gimics” and also “magic potions” practically on a everyday basis.

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But don’t worry, we’re walk to help you separate the “wheat indigenous the chaff” if friend will, and aid you know what yes, really kills bed bugs in the most efficient way. There is far too much misinformation the end there, don’t be mislead or scammed.


Unfortunately, over the years, bed bugs have actually started to come to be immune to few of these chemicals, however they can and also do still work. Sprays are finest accompanied by warmth treatment as the sprays cannot always reach into cracks and also crevices in her home, wherein bed bugs live.

Sprays also have the side effect of regularly just advertise bed bugs into an additional area the your residence as well. You deserve to read an ext about just how to discover proven and also effective bed bug sprays, and also tips on just how to most effectively use castle on our Bed pest Spray page.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous planet is a natural and also pesticide-free therapy strategy because that killing bed bugs. It basically attaches chin to the exoskeleton that the bed bug, and also slowly dehydrates it, eventually killing it. Diatomaceous earth is also very inexpensive, but there space some pros and also cons you should consider before using it.

Diatomaceous earth on its own, is regularly not efficient enough to totally rid yourself of bed bugs, and is frequently used in conjunctionwith heat, sprays, and also other therapy strategies.

Other typical Treatment Strategies

There are also a number of “other” treatment tactics that indicate using assorted chemicals or organic “herbs” and essential oils.

While these have the right to kill bed bugs, the isn’t enough or reliable enough in the majority of cases to kill your whole infestation and eradicate you yourself or her bed an insect problem.

Let’s review some of the an ext common, yet ineffective techniques that often come up:

Do p Leaves kill Bed Bugs?

Yes, they do, however not enough to kill an entire infestation. P Leaves have tiny spines on them that deserve to impale the exoskeleton top top bed bugs. If the bugs move around enough in the leaves, they deserve to impale themselves enough times to die. Bean leaves are far better for trapping and also detecting bed bugs though than they room for in reality killing them.

Bottom Line: While p Leaves death bed bugs, it’s just not reliable enough come be considered as one optimal or efficient treatment method.

Does Raid kill bed bugs?

Standard raid can kill them, but generally, that doesn’t. Raid actually has a bed pest spray, and while an ext effective against bed bugs, than conventional Raid, there space FAR more effective bed an insect sprays on the industry that us recommend you usage instead.

Bottom Line: us wouldn’t recommend wasting your money ~ above the Raid bed bug product, or any type of other traditional grocery keep levelbed an insect sprays.

Does bleach death bed bugs?

Yes, bleach does death bed bugs (as most harsh chemistry will) and also bleach sanitizes too, but you most likely don’t desire to spray bleach anywhere your furniture, walls, and carpet. There room much far better options, the won’t damage your home.

Bottom Line: simply pass on utilizing bleach to death bed bugs, but consider usingbleach come disinfect any kind of surfaces that won’t be harmed by utilizing it.

Does Lysol kill bed bugs?

Yes Lysoldoes kill bed bugs, and so go dowsing a bed beg with many any kind of chemical. This hold true of many living things if you dowse that with enough chemical it will kill it. Lysol will certainly kill bed bugs only as soon as sprayed straight on them, and is Lysol is NOTeffective after the dries.

In general, girlfriend won’t view the bulk of bed bugs in your home, they’re hiding.

Bottom Line:Lysolis no a great option, and should not also be considered.

Does Alcohol kill bed bugs?

While again, not the most reliable treatment, the does work. Rubbing Alcohol death bed bugs, yet not bed bug eggs. While numerous advocate making use of Rubbing alcohol as a repellent, we don’t recommend fending off bed bugs, together it simply spreads them further into other locations of your home.

Bottom Line:We wouldn’t recommend making use of Rubbing Alcohol to kill bed bugs, however it deserve to be efficient in a pinch and also if used countless times and to death bed bugs the you have the right to see.

Does Pine-Sol death bed bugs?

Pine-Sol is making the ring on various net forums and discussion boards together an reliable treatment because that bed bugs. People using Pine-Sol space saying it death bed bugs on contact. Looking at the mainingredients for Pine-Sol, you’ll discover that it’s basically comprised of 12% pine Oil, 7% alkyl alcohol, 5%isopropyl alcohol, and various soaps and detergents. Jaw oil, among the main ingredients is really a terpene alcohol.

See the sample here? Alcohol. as we pointed out earlier, alcohol does kill bed bugs and bed bugs eggs, regularly on contact. Alcohol can also serve as a reasonably short-term repellent together well. As a result of Pine-Sol having actually such a huge percentage that alcohol in it, it’s treatment effectiveness against bed bugs is similar to alcohol.

Here’s the problem: Pine-Sol, because of its high portion of jaw Oil is recognized to cause skin andmucous membrane irritation, along withbreathing problems, and central nervous mechanism depression. If you’ve ever used it, you recognize how strong the smell have the right to be.

Given the the bed pest killing properties of Pine-Sol are alcohol, using straight up rubbing alcohol would certainly be a far better option. But remember, alcohol isn’t the most effective or recommended systems either.

Bottom Line:Don’t usage Pine-Sol to kill bed bugs.

Wrapping Up

In general, over there are countless different choices for killing bed bugs, however you desire to do more than kill just a few individual bugs. You desire to kill them all, and also put preventative procedures in place to stop re-infestation.

Regardless of the size or severity of your infestation, engaging a skilled exterminator is walk to it is in the many effective and also time reliable option for you. If hiring a experienced is simply not an option for you, 보다 you’ll desire to use mutliple self treatment options, an unified together, and repeated for at the very least a month till you confirm your bed an insect problem is gone.

Once you have your bed pest problem resolved, be sure to placed prevention measures in place to defend yourself and your home from more bed bugs.

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Also, while many of this “other” treatment strategies might work, they take it a long time, or are regularly not effective and seldom ever get rid of all the bugs.

Far much better to invest your time and money top top a professional or ~ above the most effective self therapy strategies.