Have girlfriend heard that hair dye have the right to kill lice and get rid of them? is this true? if so, is this all hair dyes, or just particular brands or formulations? Let’s discuss.

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Head lice eggs (nits) have actually a hard, safety shell, and also they’re grounding to the hair column with a glue-like substance that provides them extremely daunting to remove.

Unfortunately, the nit’s shell provides it impervious come the effects of hair dye. So, also if dying her hair kills every the adult lice, you’ll still it is in left with nits, stubbornly clinging to your hair.

The head louse lifecycle generally lasts for between 38 and 45 days. Nits take from one week to 12 days to mature and hatch. When hatched, the head lice nymphs connect themselves to the scalp and also feed on her blood till they’re mature enough to reproduce. The adult head lice climate lay their eggs on her hair shafts, and also the cycle starts again.

How to break the cycle …

There is a strategy the will eliminate your head lice.

On work one, dye her hair, making use of a brand of hair dye that includes ammonia and also hydrogen peroxide. Monitor the dye manufacturer’s instructions and also leave the dye on her hair for the recommended time. Any kind of adult head lice need to now be dead.To tackle any type of newly-hatched nymphs, dye her hair get on the seventh day after the early stage dye application.Finally, repeat the exercise and also dye her hair again ~ above the fourteenth day complying with the 2nd application. That will certainly take care of any type of remaining nits and also nymphs the escaped the second dying session.

This strategy must break the cycle and get rid that the lice, yet it might additionally damage her hair.


NEVER usage hair dye on a child’s hair. Although youngsters do often tend to be more prone to acquiring lice than adults, their hair is much more delicate and susceptible to damages from hair dyes that contain bleach.

If you’ve had actually head lice, the opportunities are you’ve to be scratching your scalp and broken the skin. The harsh chemicals that hair dye includes can wake up broken, infected skin and also may reason an allergic reaction.

Also, if you suffer from currently skin problems such together psoriasis, you have to take extreme care when making use of hair dyes, as they can aggravate the condition.

Wrapping the up

Certain brand and types of hair dye deserve to kill head lice, however you will require to bring out three consecutive treatments to be certain that you’ve recorded the adult lice and also any nymphs that are hatching native nits that room attached to her hair shafts.

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If girlfriend don’t sophisticated the idea of dying her hair, ask your GP or pharmacist because that advice on other lice-specific commodities you can use instead.