The first rumors about Swoosie Kurtz‘s battles with eating disorders started to emerge sometime roughly 2013.

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Several fans have taken to Twitter come raise concerns about the legend actress’s weight over the years. Here’s what us know about Swoosie Kurtz’s potential wellness issues.

Swoosie’s load has involved fans for rather some time now.

Some think that it might be the result of a chronic health problem. Rather argue the the star that Call Me Kat, Man v a Plan, and The Dangerous publication for boys could be struggling through an eat disorder such as anorexia nervosa.

But Swoosie hardly ever talks about personal matters such together health issues in interviews. It’s unsure if she is facing any type of difficulties in ~ present.


With symptoms varying from hair loss to dry skin and also feeling lightheaded, anorexia nervosa can impact people nevertheless of age or gender.

Most human being with the problem tend come consume less food than their everyday reference intake, i beg your pardon can result in fast weight loss. Intense fear of acquiring weight or becoming overweight is also common, every the diagnostic guidelines published by the National center for Biotechnology Information.

Swoosie hasn’t talked about comparable problems.

There’s a possibility that the star simply happens to it is in thin. However her fans worry regardless.

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“Oh dear, Swoosie Kurtz is dramatically thin. She look at ill, anorexia or something really wasting. Ns hope she’s OK. #MikeandMolly,” tweeted
decobroad in September 2013.

“Is it simply me, or does Swoosie Kurtz look really thin? Looks kind of painful. Hope she is healthy. Love Mike & Molly!” created