There are loads of project administration tools out there. We talk around Tasks, Jira, Wrike, and also others all the time.

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But there’s one really important, really valuable tool for project supervisors you might not have provided much believed to: Slack.

Is her team using Slack yet? If not, you’re lacking out. A 2015 survey suggested that teams using Slack knowledgeable some significant benefits:

32% boost in team productivity48.6% reduction in email use25.1% palliation in meetings

Teams additionally say that making use of Slack has actually improved their inner transparency and agency culture.

With its numerous robust functions and an effective integrations, Slack can quickly turn right into the central hub the your project management process – and your team as a whole.

Looking for other project monitoring tools to consider? shot Tasks. It’s a simple, easy-to-use task monitoring software that’s perfect for remote teams.

Work smarter with Agile task management

Agile teams achieve more. See for yourself.


You can develop your own key-board shortcuts to do project administration smoother and faster.

Here are a couple of examples:

9. Audio and video clip calls

You can likewise start one audio or video call through up come 15 people. This method you won’t should switch native Slack to chat application or Google Hangouts to make your work call. This function is free, so friend won’t should pay for another service.

10. Helpful bots

Besides integrated apps, Slack also hosts bots. Because that instance, Slackbot helps you with note-taking and reminders.

Slackbot isn’t the only option, though. There’s a totality universe the Slack bots the end there:

There space thousands the bots and apps you can affix to Slack. Check out the app directory to acquire an idea of the wide range of ingredient that’s available.

You can even use to develop your own bot.

Make the ideal of project monitoring with Slack

Slack can be a phenomenal project administration tool. While you have the right to use it to organize her team, it’s designed mainly for team communication and collaboration.

Use Slack to complement a more traditional project monitoring system — but don’t count on it completely to make your team an ext agile and flexible.

Read more about Agile project monitoring in our guide here.

A good solution for aspiring Agile teams is work — an agile project management tool with functions like weekly sprints, Agile workflows, a Kanban board, automated Stand-ups, and much more.

Sharing tasks in Slack is easy. If anything requires urgent attention, simply send over a attach in any channel or personal chat.

Frequently inquiry questions

How execute teams usage Slack?

Both in-office and also remote groups use Slack come consolidate email, text, and also verbal interactions into one main location.

Some groups take Slack a step further and also take benefit of its various integrations. This permits them come track your projects, construct chemistry, and gauge employee morale.

Are there any good Slack add-ons for Agile-style project management?

Slack integrates with dozens of premier project management tools like Trello, Asana, and Niche add-ons favor the Poker Planning application are a fun method to streamline Agile sprint planning.

What room the advantages and defect of utilizing Slack as a team cooperation service?

Advantages:Streamlined communication – much faster than email and also other communication methods.Great company potential – Channels, a find feature, and also the ability to pin messages do it simple to store track of your work.Powerful integrations – Integrations with project management, time tracking, and also analytics attributes make Slack more than a interaction app.Disadvantages:Storage issues – Slack has minimal space and also slowly deletes papers over time.Poor video conferencing – video clip calling can be unreliable at times with connection issues, poor audio quality, and also other shortcomings compared to specialized video conferencing programs.Distractions – Slack is packed through fun features and add-ons the enrich communication, but can additionally become a distraction from productive work.

What to adjust Slack apart from other Project administration Software?

Slack is different from various other project monitoring tools due to the fact that it no attempt to it is in a stand-alone product. As soon as you collection up integrations through project administration tools prefer, Asana, or Trello, you have a simple, main hub where your whole team deserve to see new developments.

Between Slack and also Asana, i m sorry is the far better Project administration Solution?

Asana is a premier project management tool trusted by market giants like Spotify, Indeed, and also Xero. For huge campaigns, it’s among the finest tools top top the market. Slack is great tool, however it depends on integrations with project management tools favor Asana. Many teams use both for various purposes.

Which is better: Slack or Trello?

Trello’s Kanban-style project monitoring is really popular with teams of all shapes and also sizes. Slack is advantageous for simplifying communication across an organization, however it can not really role as a project management tool top top its own.

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This short article was initially published in may 2017. It was updated in September 2021.