The surname Blink-182 has come to be synonymous v pop-punk, brilliantly silly puns in album titles (Enema of the State indeed), and also (frankly) hazardous quantities of angst. The band, purveyors of such iconic songs as "What"s My age Again?," "All The tiny Things" (inspired by DeLonge"s wife Jennifer, from whom he has because split), and also "I miss You," has carved itself one indelible location in music history.

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As fans may currently know, the group"s often-tragic odyssey began in California in 1992. The aforementioned founding members met at an 8th-grade class party (per The Los Angeles Times), and, in addition to the base talents of mark Hoppus, the tape that would certainly eventually end up being a global sensation take it off.

As Alternative Press reports, the troupe very first dubbed themselves Duck Tape. This moniker was short-lived before the talented trio cleared up on Blink, a name the would at some point land the tape in rather warm water.

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There was, regrettably for them, already a band named Blink. An irish outfit created in Dublin in 1991, this band"s surname is claimed to have (per Let"s sing It) from Barry Campbell, that played the drums because that Blink, and his adoration that the Cocteau Twins" "Iceblink Luck." Neither team seemed to be conscious of the other"s presence at first, and Cargo Music Inc. Reduce DeLonge"s Blink"s debut album, Cheshire Cat, in 1995.

This record ultimately attracted the wrath that the Blink that was totally there first.

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Alerted come the danger of potential legitimate action, Cargo Music contacted DeLonge and also Co. And insisted that they change their name. Lock weren"t quick around it, as Hoppus told Amy Schumer ~ above Hoppus ~ above Music (via Radio X): "...It finally got to the suggest where they said, "If girlfriend don"t readjust the name of her band top top this phone contact we"re gonna choose one for you.""

Casting about desperately, they made decision on Blink... 182. The number didn"t have any kind of significance, Hoppus go on, v the mischievous group assigning a new meaning to that whenever the topic was broached: 182 has been every little thing from his best weight come the variety of times Al Pacino said "f***" in Scarface.

Quite except the an interpretation of the name, its really pronunciation continues to be a bone the contention. Top top November 19, 2018, Tom DeLonge created on Twitter, "It"s actually- Blink eighteen-two. Civilization have all gained this wrong because that years. Occasionally this can take place with really complex, thoughtful and also elevated art."