Cannibals All! got more attention in wilhelm Lloyd Garrison’s Liberator than any kind of other publication in the history of the abolitionist journal. And Lincoln is said to have been more angered by George Fitzhugh than by any type of other pro-slavery writer, however he unconsciously paraphrased Cannibals All! in his House separated speech.Fitzhugh to be provocative due to the fact that of his stinging attack on totally free society, laissez-faire economy, and wage slavery, together with their thoughtful underpinnings. He provided socialist doctrine to protect slavery and also drew upon the same proof Marx provided in his indictment of capitalism. Socialism, that held, was just “the new fashionable name for slavery,” though enslavement was far an ext humane and responsible, “the best and also most common form of socialism.”His most efficient testimony was furnished through the abolitionists themselves. He combed the diatribes of their friends, the reformers, transcendentalists, and also utopians, against the social evils of the North. “Why every this,” the asked, “except that totally free society is a failure?”The trouble all started, follow to Fitzhugh, through John Locke, “a presumptuous charlatan,” and also with the heresies of the Enlightenment. In the great Lockean agreement that makes up American believed from Benjamin Franklin come Franklin Roosevelt, Fitzhugh as such stands out together a lone dissenter who makes the standard polarities between Jefferson and Hamilton, or Hoover and also Roosevelt, it seems ~ insignificant. Next to him Taylor, Randolph, and also Calhoun blend inconspicuously into the American consensus, every being apostle of john Locke in part degree. An pundit tradition the suffers native uniformity—even if the is virtuous, for free conformity—could stand a little bit of contrast, and George Fitzhugh can supply more of it than any type of other American thinker.

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George Fitzhugh, lawyer, planter, newspaperman, sociologist, to be born in Virginia in 1806. He married in 1829, had nine children, and lived until the Civil war in his wife’s home in harbor Royal, Virginia. Throughout this period he practiced law, to be employed summary in the attorney General’s office, composed for various periodicals and also newspapers, and also published 2 books, Sociology for the South, or the failure of totally free Society (1854) and also Cannibals All! (1857). After ~ a foray into abolitionist are in 1856, consisting of a debate in new Haven v Wendell Phillips, he returned to the South an ext convinced than ever of his position, and also up come the battle he remained confident of convert the North. Fitzhugh died in Texas in 1881.C. Vann Woodward to be Professor the American background at The Johns Hopkins college in Baltimore. The is the author of number of authoritative books on the South: Tom Watson: Agrarian Rebel (1938); beginnings of the new South (1951); Reunion and Reaction (1951); and also The Strange career of Jim crow (1955). That passed far on December 17, 1999.

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DedicationPrefaceIntroduction1. The global Trade2. Labor, Skill, and also Capital3. Topic Continued—Exploitation of Skill4. Worldwide Exploitation5. False approach of the Age6. Totally free Trade, Fashion, and Centralization7. The human being is Too tiny Governed8. Liberty and Slavery9. Paley top top Exploitation10. Our ideal Witnesses and Masters in the arts of War11. Degeneration of English Liberty, and Growth the English negative Laws12. The French Laborers and the French Revolution13. The Reformation—The best of personal Judgment14. The Nomadic Beggars and also Pauper Banditti the England15. Rural Life that England16. The Distressed Needle-Women and also Hood"s "Song the the Shirt"17. The Edinburgh evaluation on southerly Slavery18. The London world on West India Emancipation19. Protection and Charity to the Weak20. The Family21. Black Slavery22. The stamin of Weakness23. Money24. Gerrit blacksmith on land Reform, and William Lloyd Garrison on No-Government25. In What Anti-Slavery Ends26. Christian morality Impracticable in free Society—But the organic Morality of slave Society27. Slavery—Its impacts on the Free28. Exclusive Property Destroys Liberty and also Equality29. The nationwide Era terrific Witness30. The ideology of the Isms—Showing Why castle Abound at the North, and Are Unknown in ~ the South31. Deficiency the Food in complimentary Society32. Man has actually Property in Man33. The Coup de Grâce to Abolition34. National Wealth, separation, personal, instance Wealth, Luxury, and Economy35. Federal government a thing of Force, no of Consent36. Warning to the North37. AddendumIndex

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George Fitzhugh was maybe the best-known, and also probably the best, apologist the the mechanism of Negro enslavement which prevailed in the southern of the United states until the polite War. In 1854 he released Sociology for the South, or the fail of totally free Society, and in 1857 Cannibals All!, or, slaves Without Masters… Fitzhugh was that rare thing, an American conservative; undoubtedly his conservatism was so radical that, apart from his support for the American Revolution, he was nearly an American Tory. Professor Woodward traces the influence of Carlyle and also Disraeli, and also the earlier tradition that Aristotle and Filmer… yet Fitzhugh to be really, together Professor Woodward says, ‘an American original,’ and Cannibals All! is a very readable text in the john Harvard Library of records of American cultural history. Fitzhugh to be drastically, even deliberately, old-fashioned in his views, however at the same time remarkably modern in the means he pertained to them with sociology and psychology quite than philosophy, religion, business economics or law.