The story behind AJ styles joining WWE is interesting, particularly as Vince McMahon hadn’t paid fist to him before his arrival. Here’s who persuaded Vince to sign him and also the story behind AJ receiving template music originally intended for someone else.

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AJ styles debuts in ~ 2016’s WWE imperial Rumble.

The Story Behind the theme Music the AJ Styles

To hear an interesting story around AJ Styles and also his design template music, clock the Table For three episode top top the WWE Network with road Dogg Jesse James, Jeff Jarrett, and also Elias. You will watch a great show special all 3 singing a rendition of "Baby Tonight," as if the 2018 room Of Fame version wasn’t enough.

Long-time girlfriend Jarrett and also James chatted around the an excellent old days while Elias sat there quiet eating his food, looking somewhat out that place. The conversation inevitably relocated along to music considering all three have actually a good connection through it. That’s as soon as the object of AJ Styles’s template music popped up.

It turns out that wasn’t made for him in ~ all, yet James Storm, one fifty percent of Beer Money with Bobby Roode in TNA, who also had a really brief stint in NXT. WWE composed Styles’ entrance song for Storm, yet The Cowboy decided against staying through the agency and went back to TNA instead.

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"That was initially written and developed for James Storm," roadway Dogg describes, "and James happen and also went a various direction. AJ stepped in, and it just worked out perfectly."

How WWE Signed AJ Styles

When AJ Styles very first arrived in the WWE, Vince McMahon wasn’t handled him at all. Now I know that’s not exactly shocking considering McMahon’s track record with smaller guys, however what may come as a surprised is who encouraged Vince to authorize The Phenomenal One. The man? Triple H.

The game has been behind many notable signings for the firm over the past couple of years, and also he nearly begged Vince to sign formats to a WWE contract. Luckily for us all, The Chairman caved in.

In a 2017 media call, Triple H had this come say around it.

"At the time, the thought procedure was that layouts was available, and also there’s an chance there. felt that everyone should have that little period of time come go v that process (NXT) since the discovering curve is therefore sharp and also so steep."

He continued, "You can come in the door thinking, ‘I don’t desire to perform this, and I’m great to go,’ and then it hits you, and also you’re like, ‘Wow! This is not what i was thinking.’"

With AJ formats in brand-new Japan, he was in talks v TNA to return. A handshake and written deal in between AJ and also TNA to be agreed upon, yet as fate would have it, negotiations fell apart soon after.

AJ wanted a go back to America but couldn’t discover a door ajar. As it transforms out, the door he would certainly eventually find would it is in in Stamford, Connecticut, residence to WWE. It didn’t take long for formats to go through. In fact, the was an ext like a sprint.

"It finished up the WWE had paid no attention to AJ in ~ all as soon as he left TNA the very first time, and every one of a sudden after two years the proving he’s a height star, Triple H obtained in touch and also said, ‘Hey, we’re interested!’" AJ Styles’ agent, invoice Behrens, recounts in one interview v CBS Sports.

Behrens continued to say, "WWE do it easy to gain the transaction done. Uneven negotiations with TNA, WWE attorneys conducted themselves professionally, and the contracts available didn’t include any kind of one-sided ‘gotchas’ that room commonplace in entertain agreements."

Not lengthy after the agreements to be signed, AJ Styles emerged through the curtains and into the WWE world at the 2016 royal Rumble to a thunderous ovation in ~ the Amway center in Orlando.

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His arrival reinforced what fans had known because that years; the belongs in WWE. And as because that Triple H, it proved that his gamble paid off. It’s simply a shame it took so lengthy for WWE to establish AJ’s worth.

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