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"Amanda" is a 1973 track written by Bob McDill and recorded by both Don Williams (1973) and also Waylon Jennings (1974). "Amanda" was Waylon Jennings"s eighth solo number one ~ above the country chart. The single stayed in ~ number one for three weeks top top the Billboard Hot country Singles chart. As videotaped by Jennings, "Amanda" had been a monitor on his 1974 album The Ramblin" Man, yet was no released together a solitary at that time; two various other tracks, "I"m a Ramblin" Man" and "Rainy day Woman," were. much more than 4½ year later, brand-new overdubs were added to the original track and placed ~ above his an initial greatest access time album. In April 1979 the tune was issued together a single, and it soon became one of the biggest nation hits the 1979.more »

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I"ve organized it every inward, God knows, I"ve tried,But it"s an dreadful awakening in a country boy"s life,To look at in the mirror in complete surprise.At the hair on my shoulders and also the period in my eyes. Amanda, light of mine life.Fate should have actually made friend a gentleman"s wife.Amanda, irradiate of mine life. Fate should have made girlfriend a gentleman"s wife.It"s a measure of world who don"t understand,The pleasures of life in a hillbilly band.I got my very first guitar as soon as I to be fourteen, fine I lastly made forty, still wearing jeans.Amanda, irradiate of my life.Fate should have made girlfriend a gentleman"s wife.Amanda, light of mine life. Fate should have made friend a gentleman"s wife.

Struggling through Amanda? end up being a much better singer in 30 days through these videos!


Waylon Jennings Waylon Arnold Jennings (pronounced /ˈweɪlən ˈdʒɪnɪnz/; June 15, 1937 – February 13, 2002) was an American nation music singer, songwriter, and also musician. Jennings started playing guitar at eight and also began performing in ~ twelve ~ above KVOW radio. He formed a band, The Texas Longhorns. Jennings functioned as a D.J. Top top KVOW, KDAV, KYTI and also KLLL. In 1958, friend Holly i ordered it Jennings" an initial recording session, that "Jolie Blon" and also "When Sin stops (Love Begins)". Holly rental him to play bass. During the "Winter dance Party Tour," in clear Lake, Iowa, Holly hired a airplane to come at the next venue. Jennings gave up his seat in the plane to J. P.

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Richardson, who was suffering from a cold. The flight that lugged Holly, Richardson and Ritchie Valens crashed, top top the job late… an ext »