A fire-breathing dragon who uncovered a shed tribe"s treasure and moved right into the barrow housing the gold. The dragon is exceedingly greedy – marking a stark comparison to an excellent kings, who develop loyalty and also love among their people and also warriors with generosity. After ~ a thief steals from the dragon"s horde, the dragon go on a rampage and terrorizes the Geats. Beowulf, the king that the Geats, fights the dragon. Beowulf at some point kills the dragon, but at the expense of his own life. The risk posed by the dragon as such represents a kind of tension in the inquiry of what renders a great king. To be Beowulf ideal to act as a warrior and kill the dragon and protect his people, even if that activity resulted in Beowulf"s death, due to the fact that the loss of your king is most likely to an outcome in the devastation of the Geats? Or was Beowulf also rash, and also should he have waited for a hero just as Hrothgar did as soon as Grendel assaulted the Danes?
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The timeline listed below shows where the character Dragon appears in Beowulf. The fancy dots and icons show which themes are associated with that appearance.


...king for fifty years. Yet then Beowulf"s power is disrupted by the appearance of a dragon.(full context)

The dragon security an underground barrow complete of treasure, i m sorry is easily accessible only by a an enig passage....(full context)

The dragon uncovered the treasure sometime later, and also guarded that in tranquility for the three hundred years....(full context)
...who killed Hygelac in battle. Now, beowulf says, the shall fight when more: against the dragon.(full context)
Since the dragon breathes fire beo wolf decides to usage his sword, shield, and also armor. He orders his followers...(full context)
Beowulf start the barrow and shouts to wake up the dragon. It attacks, breathing flame. Beowulf"s shield protects him, however not for lengthy enough. The narrator...

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(full context)
The dragon dues Beowulf and Wiglaf. Your shields are burned and their armor uses them tiny protection....(full context)