RON Isley has actually long to be a heartthrob, yet to fans' dismay, he has actually been snap up through singer Kandy Johnson.

Kandy is thirty year younger than her husband. Here's more about her...


Kandy is thirty year younger than her husband Ron IsleyCredit: Getty

Who is Ron Isley's wife Kandy?

Ron Isley's mam Kandy Johnson Isley is a singer herself.

Born top top February 24th 1977, she is a part of the R&B duo the Johnson Sisters, or JS, v her sister Kim.

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It was v music the she very first met she husband, together JS to be signed ~ above the Isley Brothers’ management firm in 2001.

Before forming JS, Kandy and also Kim were back-up singers because that decades.

The performed together legends of the music industry, consisting of Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera, Sting, and of course, the Isley Brothers.

The girl released their own album, Ice Cream, in 2003. Your tracks ice Cream and Love point of view went ~ above to be hits.


Ron Isley's mam Kandy Johnson Isley is a singer herselfCredit: Getty

When go Ron Isley and also Kandy acquire married?

Ron married Kandy Johnson Isley in 2005, in what was a "fairytale format wedding."

Ron allegedly offered Kandy a $3 million necklace come wear top top the huge day and also a 14 carat diamond ring.

When asked about being a "gold-digger" in an interview with ILOSM in 2016, Kandy hit earlier at the suggestion.

She said: “He’s a GENTLEMEN! i mean, she talking around romance, the puts the ‘R’ in romance…from well dining, to treating a woman favor a guy should, with respect.

"As we emerged a relationship, we had a many things in common and Ronald…even though he’s older, he is young in ~ heart.”

Kandy has actually supported Ron with his health issues and also tax troubles.

In 2004, the musician experienced a stroke in London which put an end to the tourism he to be on at the time.


Ron married Kandy Johnson Isley in 2005Credit: Getty

How many youngsters do lock have?

Ron and Kandy re-superstructure 13-year-old son, Ronald Isley, Jr, born in December 2007.

Ron to be convicted of taxes evasion charges one year ~ the pair tied the knot, leaving Kandy to give birth without him by she side.

Ron Isley has actually a daughter, Tia, through his an initial wife.


Ron and also Kandy share 13-year-old sonCredit: Getty

Who was Ron Isley previously married to?

The singer married Margret Tinsley in 1960 and in 1969 welcomed his very first daughter Tia Isley.


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In 1993, he married singer Angela Winbush but they divorce in beforehand 2002.

Ronald has been embroiled in a taxation evasion scandal and also in 2006, was sentenced to 3 years and one month in prison.

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Following his release in 2010, Ronald lugged on performing.


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