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Dolphus Raymond is a white man who is in a connection with a black woman and also has kids with her.

In Alabama in the thirties, the was against the legislation for a white man and black mrs to it is in married. This walk not stop Dolphus Raymond. He to be from a...

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Dolphus Raymond is a white guy who is in a partnership with a black color woman and has kids with her.

In Alabama in the thirties, that was versus the regulation for a white man and also black mrs to it is in married. This go not stop Dolphus Raymond. He was from a good family, yet made himself an outcast in Maycomb by having an interracial family.

“Why’s he sittin‘ with the fancy folks?”

“Always does. He likes ‘em better’n he likes us, ns reckon. Stays by self way down close to the county line. He’s got a colored woman and all sorts of mixed chillun. Show you few of ’em if we see ‘em.” (Ch. 16)

Dolphus Raymond spends most of his time pretending to be drunk. The carries a sack and people i think he is drinking liquor. The children realize he is actually drinking Coca-cola. Raymond is together sober together anyone else. That is just trying to aid others know his actions. He knows that they won’t appreciate that that loves his wife and children, for this reason he allows them think the is an alcoholic.

During the trial, Raymond comforts Dill and the various other children. Dill in specific is really upset around the means Tom Robinson is being treated disrespectfully by Mr. Gilmer, the prosecutor. Raymond speak him the this is the means things are, also though it isn’t right. He says once Dill is older he won’t cy.

“Cry around what, Mr. Raymond?” Dill’s maleness was beginning to assert itself.

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“Cry around the straightforward hell world give various other people—without even thinking. Cry about the hell white human being give fancy folks, without even stopping come think that they’re people, too.” (Ch. 20)

Dolphus Raymond is an instance of the reality that no all Maycomb’s citizens room unrepentant racists. He has a unique method to taking care of it, yet it keeps him except society. Enlightenment realizes that it is a privilege that his class that world accept the method he is.