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Motocross is one of the many exciting activity sports around. Stars prefer Caleb Wyatt, Carey Hart, Mike Metzger, and also the good Travis Pastrana have taken motocross and also supercross to brand-new heights. Freestyle motocross features many amazing feats, but none room as impactful together the backflip. The backflip is similar to the slam dunk in basketball. It has actually been approximately for a lengthy time, yet is repeatedly being reinvented.

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The first person to ever perform a backflip top top a bike to be Jose Yanez in 1985. No one had ever before conceived the backflipping a full-sized motorcycle until the ’90s. At this time, freestyle motocross remained in its infancy and also thriving. Carey Hart make motocross history in the Gravity games by attempting to backflip a 250 cc motorcycle. Hart didn’t fairly stick the landing,but the didn’t prevent him from making Motocross history.

Check the end Hart’s first-ever backflip in the video below.

History that the Motorcycle Backflip

Hart attempted the backflip again in 2001’s X Games and also suffered some significant injuries, leading to bone damage. Hart has actually sacrificed his body because that the progression of the sports on much more than one occasion. Caleb Wyatt carried the backflip torch also further in 2002 by landing the trick, proving to the civilization that a backflip on a full -ized motorcycle is possible. Casey Hart finally overcame the backflip in the FMX ideal Trick during the Summer X games of 2002. This was the very same year that Mike Metzger performed 2 backflips in a heat on a motocross bike.

These occasions would set a trend in movement and readjust the sports forever. Backflips soon came to be routine because that riders. In 2006, Travis Pastrana adjusted the game by performing the double backflip. It to be on in the motocross human being after that. In 2008, Jim De Champ join in on the fun by performing a former flip because that Nitro Circus Live. In 2009, video camer Sinclar perfect a dual backflip throughout Redbull X-Fighters.

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In 2015, mock Sheehan perfected the backflip to trump all backflips. Sheehan nailed the first triple backflip top top a motorbike at Pastranaland in Maryland. Jose Yanez could have never predicted what his trick would carry out to the world of BMX and motocross years later. Act a backflip top top a full-sized motorcycle was believed to be impossible once. In motorsports, impossible is just one more “world’s first” waiting to happen. We’ve come a long method from the wheelie. If you have a dust bike of her own, we indicate you leaving the flips to the pros.