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during its long history, France has actually gone v numerous species of government. Under the 5th Republic, France’s present system, the head that state is the president, who is elected by straight universal suffrage.

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The table offers a perform of the significant rulers the France.

significant rulers the France See additionally the table of divine Roman kings Carolingian empire Capetian (Robertian) dynasty Carolingian dynasty Capetian (Robertian) dynasty (king) Carolingian empire Capetian empire Valois dynasty Valois empire (Orléans branch) Valois dynasty (Angoulême branch) residence of Bourbon an initial Republic (president) an initial Empire (emperor) residence of Bourbon (king) residence of Orléans second Republic (president) second Empire (emperor) 3rd Republic (president) Vichy France (head the state) Provisional government 1944–46 4th Republic (president) fifth Republic
Pippin III, the short (mayor the the palace) 741–751
Pippin III, the quick (king that the Franks) 751–768
Carloman (king that the Franks) 768–771
Charlemagne (Charles I; king of the Franks) 771–800
Charlemagne (Charles I; holy Roman emperor) 800–814
luigi I, the Pious (emperor) 814–840
Lothar i (emperor) 840–855
louis II, the German (king that the east Franks) 840–876
Charles II, the fully (king of the West Franks) 843–875
Charles II, the fully (Holy roman emperor) 875–877
louis II (emperor) 855–875
Charles III, the Fat (king the the eastern Franks) 876–887
Charles III, the Fat (Holy roman inn emperor, king the the West Franks) 884–887
luigi II, the Stammerer (king the the West Franks) 877–879
louis III (king that the West Franks) 879–882
Carloman (king that the West Franks) 879–884
Arnulf (king that the eastern Franks) 887–899
Eudes (king that the West Franks) 888–898
Charles III, the simple (king the the West Franks) 898–922
louis IV, the boy (last king of the east Franks) 899–911
Robert i 922–923
Rudolf 923–936
luigi IV d"Outremer 936–954
Lothar 954–986
luigi V 986–987
Hugh Capet 987–996
Robert II, the Pious 996–1031
Henry i 1031–60
Philip i 1060–1108
Louis using 1108–37
luigi VII 1137–80
Philip II 1180–1223
louis VIII 1223–26
louis IX (St. Louis) 1226–70
Philip III 1270–85
Philip IV 1285–1314
luigi X 1314–16
john I 1316
Philip V 1316–22
Charles IV 1322–28
Philip by means of 1328–50
john II, the great 1350–64
Charles V 1364–80
Charles vi 1380–1422
Charles VII 1422–61
louis XI 1461–83
Charles VIII 1483–98
louis XII 1498–1515
Francis ns 1515–47
Henry II 1547–59
Francis II 1559–60
Charles IX 1560–74
Henry III 1574–89
Henry IV 1589–1610
louis XIII 1610–43
luigi XIV 1643–1715
louis XV 1715–74
luigi XVI 1774–92
luigi (XVII) 1793–95
nationwide Convention 1792–95
directory 1795–99
Consulate (Napoleon Bonaparte) 1799–1804
Napoleon ns (Napoleon Bonaparte) 1804–14, 1815
Napoleon (II) 1815
louis XVIII 1814, 1815–24
Charles X 1824–30
Louis-Philippe 1830–48
Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte 1848–52
Napoleon III (Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte) 1852–70
Adolphe Thiers 1871–73
Patrice de Mac-Mahon 1873–79
Jules Grévy 1879–87
Sadi Carnot 1887–94
Jean Casimir-Périer 1894–95
Félix Faure 1895–99
Émile Loubet 1899–1906
Armand Fallières 1906–13
Raymond Poincaré 1913–20
Paul Deschanel 1920
Alexandre Millerand 1920–24
Gaston Doumergue 1924–31
Paul Doumer 1931–32
Albert Lebrun 1932–40
Philippe Pétain 1940–44
Vincent Auriol 1947–54
René Coty 1954–59
Charles de Gaulle 1959–69
Georges Pompidou 1969–74
Valéry Giscard d"Estaing 1974–81
François Mitterrand 1981–95
Jacques Chirac 1995–2007
Nicolas Sarkozy 2007–12
François Hollande 2012–17
Emmanuel Macron 2017–