Which Hollywood Undead Member room You? space you a true HU fan? will you obtain the character you want? or will you acquire the one the you yes, really did no want? an excellent luck and also enjoy the quiz!

If you like Hollywood Undead, or haven"t even heard them, take it this quiz! watch your results on i beg your pardon one you would certainly be... Will you be Danny , Deuce , JDog , Charlie scene , Johnny 3 Tears , Funny guy or Da-Kurlzz?

Created by: adrian

What is her age? Under 18 year Old 18 come 24 years Old 25 to 30 year Old 31 to 40 years Old 41 to 50 year Old 51 to 60 years Old end 60 years OldWhat is her gender? male Femalewho are your favourite from these slots? Funny guy / Charlie scene JDog / Danny Johnny 3 Tears / Da-Kurlzz Deuce / Funny man Charlie scene / JDog Johnny 3 Tears / DannyMost memorable toy as a kid? tonka van a book? ns don"t recognize I pass... >.> does mine hand count? hungry hungry hippos!which is her favorite track from this list? up In smoke Undead No.5 black color Dahlia Dead Bite kill EveryoneWhat sort of boy/girl do you lug home come mom? The an ext quiet and boring castle are, the much better ._. They space all plastered through tattoos Piercings... Piercings everywhere.. My mother hates anyone -_-Favorite fast-food? DEL TACO! Anything through chicken... McDonald"s i Don"t Eat Fast-Food... Hardees burgess KingPick your favorite shade out the these...

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black color Blue Red purple Yellow GreenWho has the best mask? Danny Charlie step Da-Kurlzz Johnny 3 Tears JDog Funny ManFavorite album? Swan song Notes native The underground Desperate actions American TragedyPick the the next to your personality the end of these.. ME FREAKY!! Herp Derp... I hate Everyone. -_- zzZzzZzz NormalWho is you the very least favorite indigenous the band? Danny Da-Kurlzz JDog Charlie step Funny guy Johnny 3 Tears

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Quiz topic: which Hollywood Undead Member to be I?

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