How carry out you gain a Moon rock in spirit silver?

You can gain Moon rock by win the an insect Contest (1st Prize). However, it gives you a random evolution stone, for this reason reset if friend didn’t get specific stone you want. Other Moon stone can be uncovered in destroy (could it is in in deeper ruin that needs HM). In Pokéathlon Dome, this Moon rock needs 3000 points to gain it.

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How execute you obtain Moon stone from mom?

Sadly you can’t pressure your mother to buy one, the is random what she buys so girlfriend will need to have good luck to acquire a cost-free one from your Mom. The easiest means to acquire them is come buy them at the Pokéathlon Dome when it is the right day. Likewise worth noting, your mother may additionally buy friend a emphasis sash.

Where can I find a moon stone in Pokemon soulilver?

Basicly sun rock and moon rock can uncovered in this video game with easy. Favor sun stone from rock. And moon rock is concealed item in dark cave. Usage item finder to gain hidden item. Ns hope this aid you.

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Where deserve to I acquire a moon stone from?

You can also sometimes gain a moon stone by to win the bug catching contest. And I think that your mom might buy one for you on occasion if girlfriend let her conserve your money. (I can’t make an oath to that one though)

Where can I uncover a Thunderstone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

– Pokemon SoulSilver version Q&A because that DS – GameFAQs Where can I uncover a thunderstone? Where have the right to I discover a thunderstone? i want to uncover a thunder stone. ZX girlfriend can gain a thunder stone in 4 ways… – from Bill’s grand father ~ above the NorthEast side of Cerulean City by mirroring him a Pikachu. – obtain it native the trainer Dana top top rt. 38.

Where execute you find a moon stone in Pokemon spirit silver?

In Pokemon silver , you can discover a Moon rock inside of Tohjo Falls. That is located to the left of the an initial Waterfall. Hope i helped.

Where execute you acquire the moonstone in Pokemon?

Usually some Normal-Type Pokemons need Moon rock to evolve. In Pinewheel forest , you’ll recieve a Moon rock from Nacrene City Gym Leader Lenore after returning the Dragon Skull to she by beating Team Plasma. Following Pokemons evolve when given a Moon stone :

Where is Steven rock in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Steven is discovered in the Silph Co. Structure after you loss Red. He asks you which stone you like, then provides you among the Hoenn starters depending on the color of rock that friend chose. If you pick the red stone, he offers you Torchic. If you pick the blue stone, he offers you Mudkip.

Where can I discover a moon stone?

The Moon stone can be discovered in the upper-right edge of the Dusty Bowl. It’s against a big rock behind part bushes. Moon stone Location 2 – Lake that Outrage. You’ll obtain random day-to-day drops of advancement stones in the Lake the Outrage. Choose up the glowing sparks to gain a random development stone.


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