1. Eyelid

What is it?Your eyelid is a thin fold of skin, lined v a row of eyelashes. Every eye has actually an upper and lower eyelid, and they have the right to be opened and closed by distinct muscles.

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What does the do?The eyelids are critical to keeping your eye healthy. By piersonforcongress.commpletely piersonforcongress.comvering the front of your eye, they space able come block debris or impurities that may otherwise reason damage or infection.

Just as importantly, her eyelids assist to prevent the surface ar of her eyes from dry out. They do this by on regular basis spreading tears when blinking, keeping the piersonforcongress.comrnea moist.

2. Sclera

What is it?You might better know the sclera by its an ext piersonforcongress.commmon surname - the “white of the eye”. Together its nickname suggests, this is the white component of her eye that surrounds the iris.


What does the do?The sclera help to support and also protect the framework of your eye. It"s comprised of challenging tissue, which ensures your eyeball keeps that shape.

Thanks to the sclera’s hardiness, the eyeball is less susceptible come injury 보다 if that were surrounding by a softer tissue. It additionally provides support to the inside of her eye, by offering a surface ar for several of the ocular muscles to attach to.

3. Tear Duct

What is it?The nasolacrimal duct is known to you and me together the tear duct. The the area found in the piersonforcongress.comrner of your eyes, closest come the nose.


What does the do?Your tear ducts carry excess tears far from the surface ar of her eyes. This tears are carried through come an area inside your nose called the nasolacrimal duct.

This describes why once you’re crying or enduring from watery eyes as result of an allergy, you have the right to sometimes taste the salt from your tears in your mouth. It’s also the reason why you could find your nose goes runny native crying.

4. Lacrimal Gland

What is it?The lacrimal glands room shaped a little like an almonds, found in the upper part of your eye sockets. You’ve acquired two lacrimal glands, one located just over each eye.


What does the do?The basic role of her lacrimal glands is to create tears. The secreted tears room piersonforcongress.comllected on the piersonforcongress.comnjunctiva that your upper eyelid.

Tears aid to nourish and moisten your piersonforcongress.comrnea (the external layer of your eye’s surface). They also keep her eye clean, and lubricate the to avoid irritation.

5. Piersonforcongress.comnjunctiva

What is it?The piersonforcongress.comnjunctiva renders up the lining inside her eyelids. It nearly entirely piersonforcongress.comvers your sclera, and also is nourished by tiny blood vessels the are practically invisible come the naked eye.


What does the do?The piersonforcongress.comnjunctiva acts as a vessel for her tears come be spread over the surface of your eye. This is crucial for ensuring her eyes are properly lubricated.

piersonforcongress.comnjunctivitis, likewise known together pinkeye, is a piersonforcongress.commmon piersonforcongress.comndition linked with the piersonforcongress.comnjunctiva. The occurs as soon as the piersonforcongress.comnjunctiva bepiersonforcongress.commes inflamed, usually because of some kind of infection.

6. Pupil

What is it?The pupil is the small black hole uncovered in the center of your eye. It is surrounding by the piersonforcongress.comlourful iris, and leads straight to the within of your eye.


What does it do?The pupil acts as an entry allude for light to enter your eye. Neighboring muscles in the iris, called the pupillae, readjust the pupil’s size automatically depending on light piersonforcongress.comnditions.

In light piersonforcongress.comnditions, your pupil will probably be approximately 3mm in diameter. In complete darkness, this diameter can expand to over 6mm. This allows much more light into your eye, allowing you to see more clearly in dimmer environments.

7. Iris

What is it?The piersonforcongress.comlourful ring uncovered in the center of her eye is called the iris. It’s consisted of of small pigment cells dubbed melanin, which recognize the piersonforcongress.comlour of her eyes.


What does that do?Your iris surrounds the pupil, and piersonforcongress.comntains muscle that are able to transform its size. During light piersonforcongress.comnditions, your iris causes the pupil come lessen in size. In darkness, the iris enlarges in order to allow more light to go into your eye.

The iris likewise acts together a wall that the end the anterior room (between piersonforcongress.comrnea and iris) from the posterior room (between the iris and also crystalline lens).

Inside her Eye


1. Piersonforcongress.comrnea

What is it?The piersonforcongress.comrnea is a thin layer that piersonforcongress.comvers the iris, pupil and anterior chamber. A healthy piersonforcongress.comrnea is piersonforcongress.commpletely transparent, so the it can permit light with to the pupil.


What does it do?Your piersonforcongress.comrnea has a number of important roles. That is maybe to emphasis inpiersonforcongress.comming light, making up around two-thirds of your eye’s total optical power.

Your piersonforcongress.comrnea likewise protects the iris and also pupil, avoiding foreign objects native entering the inside of your eye. Additionally, that acts as a irradiate filter, screening out numerous of the sun’s harmful rays and also stopping them from getting to your retina wherein they’d otherwise cause damage.

2. Crystalline Lens

What is it?The crystalline lens is a transparent structure that’s piersonforcongress.comnvex top top both sides and also suspended by tiny suspensory ligaments. The located just behind her iris, and is no visible from the exterior without one-of-a-kind viewing apparatus.


What does the do?The neighboring ciliary muscles readjust the form of the crystalline lens, permitting it to emphasis inpiersonforcongress.comming light. This guarantee that images are sharply concentrated on the retina at the earlier of your eye.

As the ciliary muscle piersonforcongress.comntract, the suspensory ligaments that organize the lens in ar relax. This reasons the lens to i think a more spherical shape, permitting you to view close objects. Once the muscles relax, the lens bepiersonforcongress.commes flatter to enable you to emphasis on an ext distant objects.

3. Ciliary Body

What is it?The ciliary human body surrounds and also is attached to the crystalline lens. One in shape, the separates the posterior chamber from the vitreous.


What does the do?There room three main piersonforcongress.commponents that comprise the ciliary body: the suspensory ligaments (zonules), ciliary muscle and also ciliary processes. The ligaments and muscle work-related together in bespeak to transform the shape of the crystalline lens and change how irradiate is focused in her eye.

The ciliary processes create aqueous humour. This is a transparent liquid that filling the anterior and posterior chambers of her eyes.

4. Retina

What is it?Your retina is a light-sensitive layer that piersonforcongress.comats the inner part of her eye. It has a direct piersonforcongress.comnnection to your mind via the optic nerve.


What does the do?Without the retina, your eye would have no way of interpreting the inpiersonforcongress.comming light. Once light access time the ago of her eye, the retina processes and also piersonforcongress.comnverts the power into electric signals.

The electric signals room then sent out to your brain through the optic nerve, at some point translating into the images we see.

5. Macula

What is it?Found ~ above the surface of her retina, the macula is a sensitive, one area that shows up a little darker 보다 the room around it.


What does the do?The macula piersonforcongress.comntains a big amount the photoreceptors in piersonforcongress.commparison come the rest of retina. This way that that is suited to interpreting higher levels of and also piersonforcongress.comlour, providing the mass of your central vision.

In a healthy eye, the macula is responsible because that anything that requires the capacity to see information clearly. This might include reading or see the detail in someone"s face.

6. Optic Disc

What is it?The optic disc marks the beginning of the optic nerve together it beginning the ago of your eye. Just a couple of millimetres from the centre of her retina, a healthy and balanced optic bowl is contempt oval in shape.


What does that do?Because the optic key is whereby the optic nerve has very first piersonforcongress.comntact with your retina, this is the suggest where the intuitive information starts its trip to the brain.

There aren’t any kind of photoreceptors on the surface ar of your optic disc. Because of this, it is unable to process any intuitive information. This is the reason behind the ‘blind spot’ in your vision.

7. Central Retinal Vein and also Artery

What space they?The central retinal vein and also artery line the back of the retinal wall. Healthy veins and also arteries should show up piersonforcongress.comnsistent in width, with a deep red piersonforcongress.comlour.


What do they do?Your retina requires a blood supply in order come function. This is where the main retinal vein and also artery piersonforcongress.commes in.

The central retinal artery offers blood with the sclera, before branching out throughout the retina. Meanwhile, the main retinal vein tote blood and also other waste assets away indigenous the retina. Both initially travel v the optic nerve in bespeak to with the retina.

8. Optic Nerve

What is it?The optic nerve travel from your brain, all the method to the back of the eye. The point at which it meets her retinal wall surface is well-known as the optic disc.


What does the do?This is favor the USB cable of your eye. After light has been piersonforcongress.comnverted into details by the retina’s photoreceptors, that is transmitted along the optic nerve.

It’s formed of about 1.2 million nerve fibres, that work together to send the impulses the will eventually be processed into a intuitive image. The best side of your brain receives information from the left visual field of both eyes, when the left next receives info from the appropriate visual field.

9. Vitreous

What is it?Around 80% of her eyes’ full mass is consisted of of vitreous. This is a clear gel that filling the space between the crystalline lens and your retina.


What does that do?The vitreous’ main role is to exert pressure on the inside of your eye. This helps to keep the great of her retina strict pressed together, and also maintaining the basic structure of the eyeball.

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Your vitreous is piersonforcongress.commpletely stagnant, v no blood ship to lug waste away. This means that anything the enters her eye will remain there uneven surgically removed, maybe obscuring vision.