High pressure safety valves assist the automobile engine operation smoothly. Oil filter housings deserve to burst if high pressure relief valves space stuck closed.

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To the to run engine, the lubrication device is lot like the heart and blood the the whole operation. The pump, valves, bearings and also oil beat a huge role in bringing contemporary engines to the couple hundred thousand miles plus they check out these days. The high pressure safety valve, or oil press relief valve, is simply one that the devices implemented to save things to run smoothly.

While the engine is running, oil is choose up from the reservoir or oil pan for most vehicles. The oil is drawn into the pump, compressed and also distributed transparent the engine. At lower speeds the pump generates sufficient volume to support the rotating assembly. As the engine rate increases, for this reason does pump output. In ~ a certain point the pump is moving more oil 보다 the engine is demanding and also the press inside the system deserve to reach a level where it can blow seals. The push relief valve opens to send oil ago to the reservoir and also keep the volume and also pressure steady.

Oil cools the engine also so a regular flow permits the oil to execute it’s job, drain and cool off in the pan before returning to the engine. Heavy-duty vehicles normally require an included oil cooler because of the included load.

Problems arise once the demand for oil is greater than the available supply. In this case, the push relief valve might be stuck open up and allowing too lot oil come bypass the system and dump back into the reservoir. If the oil push relief valve rod closed, pressures inside the system can spike high sufficient to to explode oil filter housings or damages oil cooler cores and also seals. A stuck-closed valve and also low oil level together can run the reservoir dry together well and cause damage to every one of the materials of the lubrication system consisting of the pump itself.

Modern vehicles encompass the push relief valve in the oil pump real estate which have the right to be found inside the engine behind the time cover or the oil pan. Due to the fact that of this, a auto service manual is causing obligation to discover the location of the valve together the style varies.

Method 1 of 1: replacing the oil push relief valve

Materials Needed

Drain container for provided oilNew oil and also filterTool collection with wrenchesVehicle business manual

Step 1: perform some homework. Familiarize yourself with the accuse in the manual and also the areas of the components on the automobile before tearing noþeles apart. Doing this beforehand might enlighten you about any feasible special tools forced for the job.

Step 2: Prepare your safety and security materials. Constantly wear eye protection as soon as working ~ above a vehicle and it is vital to usage protective gloves to keep the chemicals off of her skin.

Step 3: Prepare the automobile for the work. Set the vehicle"s parking brake and also keep the key out of the vehicle. Disconnect the battery an adverse terminal to open up the electrical circuit in an effort to make certain it go not start on that own.

Step 4: drain the engine oil. Drainpipe the engine oil and also replace the drainpipe plug now so that doesn’t get lost. Remove the engine oil filter. When the work is done, you will add brand-new oil and also a new filter.

Step 5: Gain access to the push relief valve. Locate and remove the relief valve if your auto is equipped through an external unit near the oil filter housing. It might be essential to eliminate the oil filter real estate or oil pan to access the relief valve on some models.

Step 6: to compare the old and brand-new parts. Part kits encompass upgrades or adjustments to improve on typical failures, but the new parts will certainly share similar kind and function.

Step 7: Reassemble the oiling system. Reattach the oil filter housing with brand-new gaskets. Download the oil pan v a brand-new seal if it was removed.

Note: never reuse an old oil seal as numerous are make of rubber and also petroleum products will undermine rubber materials over time. The seal may not have actually been leaking before you eliminated the part, yet it surely will certainly leak if the old gasket is provided again.

Step 8: inspect your work. Look over every one of the locations you were functioning in and look out for loosened or missing fasteners. Let’s take treatment of this now before moving front to prevent an accidental spill or worse.

Step 9: height off fluids. To fill the engine with oil and if girlfriend haven’t excellent so, placed on the new oil filter. There are couple of things worse than beginning a automobile with no oil filter and wasting a gallon of new oil.

Note: If the oil filter mounts vertically v the open up side up, to fill the oil filter v fresh oil. This an approach avoids a dry start and also get the oil relocating quickly.

Step 10: begin the car. With the fluids full and all fasteners tight, friend are prepared to begin the vehicle. Begin the vehicle and permit it to operation for around 10 seconds. ~ 10 seconds turn the auto off and also check the oil level. Optimal off if necessary.

The engine"s lubrication system is earlier in functioning order v the appropriate safety steps intact. Always use the kind of oil encourage by the manufacturer to prevent fluctuations in oil push that may cause major damage come the engine assembly.

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The oil press relief valve is designed to the class of oil come be used in the engines business life and also you must adhere to the appropriate recommendations because that the finest results and longevity that the engine.