Great Gatsby TimelineTimeline Description: The good Gatsby, by author F. Scott Fitzgerald, was published in 1925. It tells the story that Jay Gatsby. The following timeline offers a context of events in the novel, quite than events surrounding the creation of the novel.

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1892 James Gatz to be Born James Gatz, later on Jay Gatsby, to be born in north Dakota.
1910 Gatz became Gatsby In 1910, James Gatz came to be Jay Gatsby. He briefly attended college, then travelled, working on Dan Cody"s yacht. ~ Cody"s death, Gatsby expected, yet did not acquire an inheritance.
1915 Nick Carraway i graduated from Yale, checked out War In 1915, the character Nick Carraway i graduated from Yale University and went come fight in human being War I. ~ the war, Nick returned to the Midwest.
1917 Gatsby Met Daisy and Went come War(1917 to 1918) In 1917 and 1918, Jay Gatsby met Daisy Fay and also fell in love. He visited serve in world War I, receiving medals because that his service in the war.
1919 Daisy Fay Married Tom Buchanan In 1919, Daisy married Tom Buchanan. The pair moved to Chicago, and later to lengthy Island, new York. Throughout this time, Tom had an affair through the chambermaid.
1922 Nick moved to long Island Nick relocated to West Egg, lengthy Island. The Buchanans, Daisy and also Tom, as well as Jay Gatsby were currently in residence in West Egg. Nick already knew the Buchanans, together Daisy was his cousin. Through the time, Tom was having an affair through Myrtle.
1922 Gatsby Met Daisy after Nick and Gatsby met, Gatsby and also Daisy were rejoined at Nick"s home. Nick had currently heard about Gatsby and also Daisy"s past. Gatsby and also Daisy go on to start an affair.
1922 Daisy went back to Tom After some time with Gatsby, Daisy returned to Tom. Gatsby to be heartbroken, but the reunion to be brief.
1922 Daisy struggle Myrtle v Gatsby"s auto Daisy went back to Gatsby, and was driving ago to Gatsby"s residence in his yellow roll Royce. When driving, she fight Tom"s mistress, Myrtle. Myrtle"s husband, George Wilson, believed that Gatsby was responsible.
1922 Daisy rejoined with Tom Daisy and Tom reconcile for the last time. Gatsby is left alone.
1922 Gatsby was Shot through George Wilson(Fall 1922) George Wilson, believing Gatsby to have actually struck and killed his wife, shooting Gatsby. ~ shooting and also killing Gatsby, George eliminated himself.

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1922 Gatsby"s Funeral(Late autumn 1922) Nick Carraway arranged Gatsby"s funeral, but was unable to discover Gatsby"s friend to attend the funeral. Gatsby"s father and Nick to visit the funeral, with just a few other people. Nick went back to the Midwest.
great Gatsby Timeline