By the finish of a text, the global theme must be revealed. It is normally unstated, but once you complete reading, the "big idea" must be clear.

I will certainly say this, though: the much more you read, the an ext adept you will end up being at figuring out the universal design template (or themes) the a text much earlier than the ending.

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Generally toward the end of the story, however there room a few caveats, due to the fact that the universal layout of a story is often never explicitly revealed in ~ all.

Authors want to leaving their stories open up to interpretation, and signposting a certain theme has the potential come backfire and make it much less universal. For example, when writing, "And that"s why everyone need to brush your teeth before a task interview!" in ~ the finish of a story is absolutely universal (see "everyone") and also engages through themes of toilet (let"s speak this was a story about the different ways that personal cleanliness--or absence thereof--can sabotage someone"s interview), this sentence would certainly feel trite and also forced in many literature. If an writer has a universal design template in mind, castle will frequently employ it subtly.

For this reason, the global themes the a story deserve to usually be found tucked away in plenty of places--within recurring imagery that evokes an idea, or even in the dialogue of a character that acts together a (quiet) mouthpiece because that the author"s message.

However, if an writer does plan to expose their universal design template explicitly, check the last 4/5ths that the publication for clues, native the orgasm on. In ~ this allude in the story you have context native the trip the writer has taken friend on, and if the writer is going to wrap points up nicely through a resounding article they expect will use to every readers, this is the location for it--they"ve made that this far, and are in search of something lasting to take residence with them and also to fix the story.

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Possibly it"s a traditional hero narrative, and also a protagonist up against a villain shouts across a battlefield to to convince them the love is always far better than hate. Possibly it"s a smaller range adventure, and also someone ago home reminds the protagonist that friendships last much longer than arguments.

Of course, certain varieties of story make their universal themes an extremely explicit, prefer fables, i beg your pardon come with morals attached, though they can regularly be taken in a couple of different ways.