in ~ the begin of the Bleach manga, Rukia stabs Ichigo in the heart v her zanpakuto in bespeak to give him she shinigami powers, which allows him to defend his family members from the Hollows.

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After that, Ichigo obtains a sealed zanpakuto that he provides (alongside Rukia in a gigai) come fight Hollows about Karakura.

Later, Rukia return to Seireitei and regains her shinigami powers, i beg your pardon robs Ichigo the his.

This means that Ichigo had actually borrowed his strength from Rukia for the operation of the Karakura Arc. This is further supported once Ichigo profit his very own zanpakuto, Zangetsu, and his sword is unsealed rather than staying in its an ext benign state.

Because Ichigo is take out loan Rukia"s soul powers, and also because Zangetsu"s kind appears to be more volatile and less susceptible to continuing to be sealed, is the an initial zanpakuto the Ichigo dead Rukia"s zanpakuto Sode no Shiraiyuki?

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If ns recall correctly, most zanpakutoh, even when sealed, have actually a unique hilt.
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Ichigo doesn"t have Sode no Shiraiyuki originally. He loses his strength originally since Byakuya severs his heart chain, which detaches the from gift able to touch his powers. That regains the powers because of training with Urahara that additionally causes him to come to be

part Hollow.

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As quoted native

defines that Byakuya ruined the source of his power, leaving him without any kind of Shinigami powers and that he have to restore these in order come fight the Shinigami. He explains about Reiryoku, saying the the more one"s reiryoku rises, the trickster the activities of their spiritual human body becomes. He says that if Ichigo can manage to relocate even much better with his spirituality body than he have the right to with his mortal body, then us will have actually made a finish recovery that his reiryoku.

More importantly, however, his unsealed zanpakuto is the same both before and after his fight with Renji/Byakuya. Come have had Sode no Shiraiyuki previously, that would have needed to have actually an entirely various sword, which he didn"t.

These aren"t precisely manga scans, but here are pictures of the knife before and also after Ichigo regains his powers: