This is a finish step-by-step Walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and also answers for the iOS and also Android puzzle game What’s within the box? by Bart Bonte. Feel free to ask because that extra assist in the comment section.

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Level 1. Push the 4 green buttons therefore they irradiate up.

You can additionally watch my video clip for level 1 – 25 here:

3. Tilt your phone to role the ball roughly so it lands ~ above all 4 buttons to light them up.

4. An alert the shapes in the corner — triangle, pentagon, square. Get in the number of angles on every — so 354.


5. It’s level 5, for this reason you should make a digital number 5. Press the buttons shown below.


6. Revolve the 4 dials so they consist of the form in the center.


7. Slide the pieces about to uncover the missing part of the circle. You have the right to move that roughly as well, together a 2nd layer. Kinds all 4 pieces therefore they make up a circle.


8. Rotate all four dials therefore they suggest towards the center.


9. Press the left switch four times and the right button three time so you check out a large “9.”


10. It’s level 10, for this reason the answer is TEN.

11. Pay fist to the pattern in the middle. Its make of left and also right arrows. So press the left button, climate left again, right, right, left, right, left, left, right, right. Or LLRRLRLLRR.

12. Tilt your device to roll the sphere onto the eco-friendly buttons while staying clear of the red buttons.

13. Swipe to relocate both the former layer and earlier layer that tiles to find and press all 4 green buttons.

14. The little 6-like prize in the corner is actually telling you the order to push the buttons. You require to draw that shape.


15. Easily tap the ideal button, climate the left button, back and forth until all the eco-friendly lights turn on.

16. Notice the notches approximately each button. Tap castle in the bespeak of the number of notches, starting from the least.


17. Use the left switch to rotate on the light it in ~ the top. Then, use the right switch to relocate it around. Perform this for each one till all the lights room on.

18. “neo rezo furo” is simply “one zero four” scrambled. So the prize is 104.

19. The strange symbols space actually 147. That’s the answer.

20. Madness the left switch twice and the right switch six time so the digital layout looks prefer “20”.

21. Pay fist to the line. It goes up and down, representing the optimal or bottom button. So the goes Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up.

22. Counting the variety of parts sticking the end of the puzzle pieces. Climate tap on them in order from 1 – 4.


23. You must light up every the buttons.

24. Tilt the round so it just hits the eco-friendly buttons.

25. Slide the tiles to comprise a square.

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