All Jeeps reap the call of being rugged enough for off-road fun and reliable sufficient for every use. Part models, especially those in the Cherokee line, are famous for the blend of luxury and also performance castle offer.

Thanks to the quality and also long life time of these vehicles, its common to check out older model years tho on the road. That provides knowing how to discover parts essential to owning one.

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Are Jeep Cherokee Doors Interchangeable?

Are Jeep Cherokee Doors Interchangeable? since the Cherokee body style has adjusted so little over the critical three and also a half decades, over there are countless interchangeable parts. However, the interchangeability of parts depends on the year, the options package, and the part.

When she shopping because that replacement doors for her Cherokee, it’s best to shop through the model year of your vehicle.

Alternatively, carry out a straight lookup the the version year of her vehicle and the version year the the doors you looking at.

There are plenty of great sites that you can look up the info on. Or you can speak to your local Jeep dealership.

How to uncover Doors for her Jeep Cherokee

It’s convenient that the doors top top some design years the the Jeep Cherokee are interchangeable. That renders it much easier to find replacement parts from auto rescue yards, aftermarket components manufacturers, and also dealerships.

At the exact same time, it’s important to make sure that her vehicle’s doors room a great match because that the design year that you space looking at prior to you purchase them, pay for shipping, or invest money ~ above anything else that can not it is in refundable.

Fortunately, because you’re more than likely going to do many of your trying to find replacement doors on the internet, the info you should verify before clicking purchase or hitting send on PayPal is most likely only a couple of clicks away.

It’s pretty straightforward to discover a reputable site whereby you deserve to verify the doors from a specific model year will fit her vehicle.

If you’re act the job-related yourself, you deserve to save even an ext money by salvaging as lot as feasible from your old door.

Depending on the factors that have led girlfriend to search for the replacement, friend might have the ability to salvage parts like the internal trim, digital controls, and also even home window glass.

Of course, if you purchasing a door indigenous a various model or version year, you might find the none the those components are interchangeable also though the door fits your vehicle.

Another thing to consider is whether you’re going come be making use of your Cherokee together an everyday auto or strictly together an off-road toy.

Some model years are technically interchangeable, however due to slight differences, they might not provide you the look or the performance the you expect.

What about Jeep Forums?

You might be tempted to trust the answers the you gain on net forums when you’re shopping for replacement doors for her Jeep Cherokee. We would certainly advise against it.

At the an extremely least, you need to verify any information that you gain in the type of answers indigenous the people on the forum.

We’ve viewed some nice wild answers to otherwise straightforward questions ~ above those forums.

It can be funny to chat back and forth with other Jeep enthusiasts however it’s necessary to usage the ideal information that you deserve to get before spending your hard-earned money.

You can discover some really an excellent deals top top Craigslist, on facebook Marketplace, and also other online forums. Remember, though; you no saving any kind of money if girlfriend purchase and pay because that shipping on replacements that don’t fit her vehicle.

We’re not certain why anybody would certainly trust a stranger ~ above a forum much more than the outcomes of a Do-It-Yourself search on a trusted website or the advice you obtain from a professional who works through Jeeps every day.

As we said earlier, you should at least verify the information from a forum. If you going come invest the time to execute that, why not reduced out the center man and go directly to the verification stage.

The fact that doors for part Cherokees are interchangeable is just cool if you don’t waste time or money top top doors the won’t right your version year.

Take the time to double-check that the doors you’re looking at room a enhance for your vehicle. That way, you i will not ~ be paying for points you can’t use or tripping over useless body components while you shot to resell them.

Is It yes, really Worth It come Buy used Doors?

When you shopping because that replacement doors, that worth her time to to compare the services of provided or salvaged parts with those you’ll get from purchasing straight from a dealership or and OEM.

In some parts of the country, used and also salvaged parts will carry the threat of rusting out sooner as result of winters invested on braided roads.

In hot and dry components of the country, doors that sat for a long time could suffer from dry rotting that rubber and also electrical parts.

You can save a little bit of money purchasing provided or salvaged parts. Yet those savings need to be weighed versus the amount of time you’ll need to spend tracking under a door it is a match and also the possibility that it will rust the end or breakdown sooner 보다 a newly manufactured replacement part.

It’s just as basic to uncover quality replacement components as the is to discover used or salvaged doors.

When you revolve to the net to do your research, it can be tempting to jump at the cheapest door the you find. Also if you carry out the occupational to verify that it is a match for your vehicle, you’re still leaving a lot come chance once you carry out that.

You don’t obtain a possibility to visually inspect the door. You have to pay for shipping. You could not gain the benefits of returns, refunds, or any kind of other recourse if you’re not happy through what arrives.

Compare those risks to the reality that you might enjoy vouch coverage as soon as you buy a newly made replacement door.

Not only will friend get experienced advice ~ above which part to purchase, however you additionally get the possibility to return that if it isn’t a fit.

You’ll gain the tranquility of mind the comes through installing a brand-new part, and you might even be spanned by a warranty.

The Bottom line on replacement Doors for Jeep Cherokees

A many us who enjoy Jeeps take advantage of the truth that castle pretty easy to work-related on and that there room plenty the replacement parts out there.

It’s particularly easy come take benefit of this perks once you’re more concerned through the duty than the style of her replacement part. It can be pretty straightforward to save your off-road toy ready for service without a hefty maintain bill.

On the other hand, since Cherokees space such long-lasting and also comfortable vehicles, you might be trying to store yours together close to the factory specs together possible.

If the is the case, it provides a lot much more sense to invest a tiny bit the extra money to get the exact right part for your vehicle.



The doors on Jeep Cherokees space interchangeable yet only in certain year-to-year combinations.

Before you invest any kind of time or money on a door replacement project, invest a couple of minutes doing some virtual research. It is the best means to make sure that you no wasting any of either.

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It’s always good to large your automobile maintenance dollars as far as possible.

Just make certain that friend aren’t gaining yourself right into a bicycle of frustration and also wasted money in your initiative to conserve a couple of bucks.