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The crop Rotation Display: Teaching around Turnip Townshend

Charles Townshend’s portrait mirrors us that he when wore a huge wig. History also speak us that Charles Townshend to be a huge wig in the history of crop rotation. So us made the very special Turnip Townshend and crop rotation display for AgroLiquid to talk around his big-wigness.

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(You have the right to view this farming exhibit on our custom commodities page.)

Mr. Turnip. (Yes. He was a real Guy.)

Charles Townshend to be a statesman in England during the 18th century. He to be a pretty huge deal in politics, serving as the Secretary that State because that 10 years. However we now recognize him ideal for what that did ~ leaving office: farming.

Historians identify Townshend as a main figure in the british Agricultural revolution because that his role in promoting chop rotation. Chop rotation had actually been a point for centuries. Yet Townshend was one of the people who really popularized a details rotation sample of four various crops. Townshend knew that, by varying the crops he planted in every field, the would have the ability to keep the soil healthy and also increase his own chop yields year by year.

Townshend planted turnips as one of his 4 rotational crops. He largely fed this turnips to his livestock. This is how he earned the nickname “Turnip.”

The turning “Turnip” table Display

In our work-related for the AgroLiquid IQhub, we come up through an interesting means to talk about this “Turnip” man. And also it mainly affiliated a big box-like structure and also some manual gear.

On one side of the sloping “tabletop” of the display screen is an image of a dressed-up 18th century dude. This is Mr. Townshend. Beneath some informational text about the male is a slick silver- button. It’s choose the painting was made especially for us because Townshend simply so wake up to it is in pointing best at the an intricate button with his finger. In ~ the press of this button, focused audio plays, presenting travellers with more information about Townshend and his crop rotation methods.

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On the various other side of the sloping “tabletop” is a one collage of pictures presenting four crops. These stand for some the the ranges that farmers can plant in the practice of crop rotation. This circle attaches to a wheel the visitors deserve to turn, permitting them to lug forward every of the separation, personal, instance crops and also virtually “rotate” v the four crops.

(Sources: “Crop Rotation” and “Charles Townshend, second Viscount Townshend”)