What word is always pronounced correctly riddle?

The answer is the word “wrong”. When it’s pronounced “wrong” (rhyming with song) that’s the correct pronunciation. However, if you were to pronounce the word as “right” (rhyming with night) that would be an incorrect pronunciation and be wrong. The answer is the word “wrong”.

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What word in the dictionary is spelled wrong?

The right answer to the Puzzle is “Incorrectly.” As per the puzzle, the Word that is spelled incorrectly in the dictionary is “Incorrectly.” This particular riddle is to check your thinking & grammatical skill.

What starts with E and ends with E?

What starts with “e”, ends with “e” and has one letter in it? Envelope.

Is it correct to say Spelt or spelled?

It’s true; the American English past tense form is spelled. In other varieties of English, both spelled and spelt are common. So, if you’re in the United States, you would probably write it like this: The past tense of the verb “spell” can be spelled in two ways.

Is felled a word?

Something that has been felled has been brought down, like a tree that has been felled by a powerful storm. The word fell wears many hats in addition to being the past tense of fall. As a noun, a fell can be a stitching on the hem of a piece of clothing like pants, or an animal skin that has the fur intact.

Why is who spelled Who?

The spelling “who” was originally used simply because, in past time periods, this word was pronounced with a “wh” sound. To be clear, by “a “wh” sound” I mean a sound that is different from either “w” or “h” on its own. This has happened in other words, most obviously two.

Is W silent in who?

When ‘w’ is before ‘h’ at the beginning of a word, it is silent in some words, as in who and whom. Some of the words are: Observation: ‘wh’ makes /h/ sound. When ‘w’ is before ‘r’ at the beginning of a word, it is always silent; as in write and writhe.

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Why is W silent in sword?

You don’t pronounce the ‘w’ in ‘sword’. It is just ‘sord’… although in Old English, it was ‘sweord’ and was in fact pronounced as it was spelt. The W in two and sword is silent because of that reason (i.e. ).


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