The thought of just chucking your lighter right into the bin once it’s virtually out of fluid is almost 2nd nature. You no much longer need an nearly empty lighter, so it’s garbage, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, you perform have to make certain that lighters space disposed the properly, otherwise there have the right to be major consequences. We’re walk to take you through just how to effectively dispose of lighters, for this reason you deserve to make sure you’re law your component for the environment.

Can you Recycle Lighters?

While cram a greatly used lighter into the trashisn’t one option, recycling one isn’t either. Lighters room made native materialsthat are not common of many of our recycle products, as such cannot bethrown in the same blue recycling bin.

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Why deserve to Lighter fluid Not it is in Thrown in theTrash?

Lighter liquid is the main reason behind why a lightercannot it is in thrown in the trash as is. While it may be agree to throw aperfectly empty lighter in the garbage can, this walk not apply to alighter that still has liquid left behind.

Marc Lallanilla that The Spruce go into additional detail about why hazardous products such as lighter liquid cannot it is in thrown in her trash bin:

“Do no toss hazardous products in the constant trash. This hazardous items can not be thrown in garbage receptacles or down the drain—it will finish up in a flow or in groundwater what else. And if friend live through a septic tank, those toxic chemicals can kill the organisms in her tank that process your septic waste. Also if the hazardous materials end up in a landfill, it can leech out and get into the drinking water supply.”

What do I perform with My offered Lighter?

So, what perform you do with a lighter that still contains lighter fluid? after all, the fluid itself cannot be tossed in the trash, even if it is or not the north lighter itself can. There is a 3-step procedure come dispose of her lighter, ensuring the you’ve extended every angle.

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A.J. Hawkins of HomeSteady gives you the operation down top top your choices for disposal:


If you are still unsure about where you need to be disposing of her lighter fluid and/or offered lighters, we deserve to help. will certainly not just pick up all dumpster bags, but make sure that whatever inside of them is responsibly disposed of.

We know and understand her community’s regulations and will work-related with them in order to make sure we space recycling your no much longer needed item in the many eco-friendly means possible. Check out what we’re all about here.