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\"The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight\" is a catchphrase the was created for Redditors to determine themselves in windy places. That is provided in fanart, fury comics, and also is often referenced together an inside hoax in Reddit threads.

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Redditor Saydrah post a thread on the AskReddit<1> subreddit titled \"Hey Reddit, I\"m Redditing indigenous the Denver worldwide Airport and also I check out a many of people on laptops around using the complimentary wifi. Just on the offchance, any fellow Redditors here?\" on august 7th, 2009. In the thread summary field, Saydrah explained her attempts in ~ finding Redditors at the Denver global Airport. Redditor FreakinWolfy responded saying, \"\"The narwhal bacons in ~ midnight\" is now the official phrase to identify yourself together a redditor.\" It got 661 point out making it the top voted comment in the thread.


A Reddit<9> write-up titled \"The narwhal bacons in ~ midnight\" linking come FreakinWolfy\"s comment to be posted the very same day, and received 233 up votes. An image of a narwhal sculpture made out of bacon and chicken was posted to Reddit<2> on respectable 28th, 2009. A video clip of Redditor Karmanaut cooking a bacon narwhal to be uploaded to YouTube ~ above September 29th, 2009:

A fury comic was posted come the r/f7u12 subreddit<10> express a Redditor\"s frustration v not knowing the an interpretation of the hoax on July 3rd, 2011, and received 1,092 increase votes. ~ above July fifth the phrase popped increase in a forum subject on Bungie<11>, and also on the MMO Champion<12> court on July 10th.


Search queries for \"narwhal bacon\" observed a slight bang in august of 2009, the very same month together the initial Reddit thread. As of July 2011 queries are reaching their highest spike. This may be in solution to the r/f7u12 Reddit article on July 3rd.

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Narwhals ~ above the Internet

On respectable 15th, 2007, a narwhal influenced Cyanide and Happiness comic to be posted come website Explosm.<3> A thread titled \"FUCKIN\" NARWHALS! crap YEAH!\" was posted to the /r/pics<4> sugreddit on November 1st, 2008. The article featured a screenshot that a object on the IGN forums<5> indigenous July 22nd, 2002. This is regularly cited as the beginning of narwhal popularity on Reddit.

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An animation by Wonchop to be posted come the Weebl\"s Stuff<7> website ~ above February 20th, 2009. On in march 2nd, 2009, the \"Fuck yeah Narwhals\" Tumblr<8> was created.



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