Learn exactly how to calculation percentages in this simple lesson! once you"re request to calculate an (unknown) percentage ("What percentage...?"), you require to very first write the fraction PART/TOTAL, and then simply write that fraction as a decimal and also as a percentage. See plenty of examples below.

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The concepts and also ideas the this class are additionally explained in this video:

What percentageof the elevation of a 15-ft tree isa 3-ft sapling?A choir has actually 22 women and 18 men. Uncover what percentageof the choir’s members aremen.One pair the jeans expenses $25 and also another expenses $28. How plenty of percent is the price the cheaper jeans of the price of the an ext expensive jeans?

Look carefully at the concerns above. An alert that the difficulties don’t tell friend the percentage; in other words,there is no number in the trouble written as x%. Instead, castle ask friend to find it!

Questions with “What percent ... ?” or "How many percent ... ?"

Asking “What percentage?” or "How numerous percent?" is the exact same as questioning “How numerous hundredth parts?”

We have the right to solve these questions in a two-part process:

First discover out the part that is gift asked for together a fraction.The denominator most likely won’t be 100.Convert that portion to a decimal. Then you can easily convert the decimal come a percentage!

Example 1. A choir has 22 women and 18 men. Discover what portion of the choir’s members are men.

Find out what component (fraction) of the choir’s members space men. That is 18/40, or 9/20.Write 9/20 together a percent. Use identical fractions: 9/20 = 45/100 = 45%.

Example 2. One pair the jeans prices $25 and also the other prices $28.How many percent is the price the cheaper blue jeans of the price the the an ext expensive jeans?

Write what component the cheaper price is the the more expensive price. The prize is 25/28.Write 25/28 together a percentage. A calculator offers 25/28 = 0.8928... Rounded to the nearest totality percent, that’s 89%.

1. a. What percent of a 15-ft tree is a small 3-ft sapling?

b. How countless percent is $12 of $16?

2. Discover how plenty of percent the smaller sized object’s height is of the higher object’s height.


6 m

8 m
300 cm
120 cm
b.3. A 2-year old child procedures 32 inches tall and weighs 24 pounds. A 10-year old child steps 52 inches tall and weighs 96 pounds.

a. How numerous percent is the smaller child’s period of the enlarge child’s age?


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How numerous percent is the smaller sized child’s elevation of the enlarge child’s height?

4. Create the percentages into the sectors in the circle graphs Think that fractions!


5. The one graph at the right provides the angle measure up of every sector of the circle. Discover what percent each ar is of the entirety circle, and also write the portion in the sector. Remember, the entirety circle is 360°.

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