You could have heard the term “WPS” if configuring a wireless Xfinity router top top your very own in its construction menus. Usually, the printer has a WPS switch alongside every the ethernet port on the back-side the the router. Have you ever wondered what function does WPS button plays on the Xfinity router? What does it stand for and its specific work? examine out every the necessary information about the Xfinity router WPS switch from this article.

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What is WPS (Push Button) and how to usage it?

WPS or Wi-Fi safeguarded Setup is a wireless network security standard the helps friend to develop connections in between your Xfinity router and also wireless devices. That basically just the connection between your router and also other devices. WPS works only for wireless connections that need an encrypted password with the WPA an individual or WPA2 an individual security protocols. Though WPS doesn’t work-related on wireless networks, however it supplies deprecated WEP protection that can be quickly cracked by any type of hacker just by using an easy tools and skills.

Where do I find WPS on my Xfinity router?

Since over there is no require for wired relations to preserve a wireless router together it deserve to be managed through WPS. There room some many popular tools that administer support because that the network protection standard. Almost all routers version of xfinity routers supplies WPS support. Sometimes, the WPS switch is enabled by default. You have the right to manually enable the WPS switch either with the firmware of her router, and also its management user interface, or using a WPS button.

Many of you could wonder around the exact Xfinity wireless router WPS switch location, so the WPS button is usually discovered on the back of the router. Every you have to do is push it once, and also WPS will be allowed and come right into a working state. After developing the connection, you can then connect your wireless gadgets through WPS.

How execute I set up WiFi making use of Push button Configuration?

Depending top top the WiFi product you are using, you deserve to use specific devices that may require different link steps. You have to follow the steps given below to set up a WiFi connection:

Press the WPS button on the WiFi product you are using, or

Now, press the WPS switch on your gateway for about two minutes. Check out wherein the WPS switch is located on different gateways and use it to develop a connection till you receive a success blog post while connecting her router to your home network.

What if WPS button on Xfinity router not working properly?

If the WPS switch on your Xfinity router is not working properly, then you can collection up WiFi making use of the personal Identification Number (PIN). All you have to do is:

Before applying the below-given steps, inspect if the WiFi top top the WiFi product is rotate on.Open the WiFi defended Setup Utility and also select the PIN technique to relocate further.Choose the WiFi Network surname (SSID) through which you desire to establish a connection.Now, create a pin number and wait for around two to five minutes.Navigate come the Admin tool of the Wireless Gateway ( Because that this purpose, you can use a device that is currently connected to the Wireless Gateway.Choose Gateway > link > WiFi.This will open up the WiFi page, click the button displaying, “ADD WIFI safeguarded SETUP (WPS) CLIENT”.Select pen Number from the relations Options.For Wireless Client’s PIN, go into the PIN and wait it spins the WiFi defended Setup Utility procedure is properly finished.Click on the Pair button.

Once you room done through the above steps, the WiFi product will certainly detect the Wireless Gateway and establish a WiFi connection.

Frequently request Question

How to disable the WPS button on Xfinity wifi router?

Visit or open the Xfinity application in your device. Sign in with your Xfinity ID and also password and go to the connect section. Here, click on your WiFi name(s) native the height of the page. If friend would like to disable her WiFi network from broadcasting, choose See Network near your WiFi name and also follow every the on-screen instructions.

Where is the WPS pen on my Xfinity router?

Usually, friend can accessibility the WPS pen from the homepage of her router. For this, you should open the official site of her router. Alternatively, girlfriend can additionally find the Linksys router’s pin from the bottom of your router along with the Serial No. And MAC attend to information.

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Is the WPS switch same as reset?

Yes, the Wi-Fi defended Setup (WPS) and reset buttons space the same and also performs the exact same functions.