This file describes the procedure on exactly how togenerate patent key record from Product Authorization key (PAK) file for Email security Appliance (ESA), web Security Appliance (WSA) and also Security administration Appliance (SMA).

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How come generate patent key document from PAK record that has actually been received for ESA, WSA and also SMA.

A PAK paper is typically received via email after the purchase of license(s) and normally in the type of a PDF attachment.

Procedure to apply and generate licenses

Below is the procedure to it is registered the PAK paper and generate the patent key document for ESA, WSA and SMA:

Click on to "Continue to Product license Registration" button.From the following screen, click "Add new PAKs/Tokens" link.Enter the PAK number and also "Submit". Please see below example:


Tick the PAK/Token ID listed.Click the "Actions" drop down box.Select "Get brand-new Licenses". Please see below for example:


Click ~ above "Next" switch from the next screen.


Select the appliance type whether the PAK number is because that Physical appliance or Virtual appliance.Enter the serial variety of the appliance. Please get in the serial variety of the appliance after ~ the "-" sign.

For example:

The serial number is 888F89E88F88-8V88TW8, please get in just "8V88TW8" in the "SN/Virtual machine Identifier" box.


Enter the exactly "Send To" email resolve to obtain the license an essential file.Enter the "End User" info for this request."Tick" the examine box to expropriate the Terms that the patent Agreement."Submit" the request.


Once submitted, a confirmation page will be displayed.Please enable at the very least 30 minutes for the license key file to be sent out to the "Send To" email address.

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Issue experience during the PAK paper registration

Recommend to call Licensing team at licensing or lodge a Support case from to get more assistance.

Next action after receiving the license an essential file

After receiving the license key paper via email, please consult below knowledge base link for more information and guidance: